Can you please provide more details on stitch count, floss numbers and button packs? Thank you.


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Hello, I have added the information for this design. Unfortunately, we do not have the button packs available for these designs as of right now but they do come from Just Another Button Company. We will have to get in contact with them so we can get them added to our website and that process takes a few days. Once they are added, I get then make a supply list for them. In the meantime, I put up the sizing information as well as the DMC Floss list so I hope this helps. Thank you :) ~Kristi @ ECS
Kristi, thank you.
Well, we got those added faster than I thought we would, lol! You should now see the DMC flosses as well as all of the button packs listed in the Supply List on our website. Hope this helps :) ~Kristi @ ECS