Wrong number of skeins
You have 52 skeins in total for this pattern, but it came in today and there are 13 skeins extra, so 65 skeins i total.
I made a wrong calculation for the customer based on the offered number of skeins.
Posted by: spinnerij on 04/20/17
Look on the bright side--better then being shorted. Mistakes happen, it's not the end of the world!!!!
by: dave001 on 04/20/17
If you read the description of this item again, it says 52 COLOURS, not skeins. Some of the colours need more than 1 skein, so 67 sounds about right.

by: MissKitty on 04/20/17
First of all. If you have an issue with a particular purchase you should address it to the Customer Service Department. You can find that information on your packing slip, invoice or by clicking on the customer service button at the top of the home page.

The purpose of this forum is for stitchers and crafters to discuss ideas and give suggestions to other sitchers. Members of this group, including myself, ARE NOT of Everything Cross Stitch.

The site is monitored by ECS employees who will ask you to contact Customer Service.

This company has a record of excellent customer service. If they make a mistake it is handled ASAP. The issue will be addressed within a day or two. They are not open on week-ends.

JUST WONDERING: Have you never made a mistake?

by: NANCYE G on 04/20/17
Hello spinnerij,

I would first make sure that the floss you got matches up with the pattern and if there are any issues with flosses missing or the floss that you have doesn't seem to match up with the actual design, then please contact us and we can get it fixed for you, at no extra cost or anything to you. We will do whatever we can to correct the mistake. I would just go over the floss that you got first to see if it all matches up. There are 52 color used in this patterns and since some colors require more skeins, there will be more skeins than 52 but I just want to make sure the floss you got was correct. If you find that it isn't, just give us a call at 800-800-8517 (Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm EST) and we will do whatever we can to correct our mistake. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you and your customer.

~Kristi @ ECS
by: Kristi @ ECS on 04/20/17
And WHY hold another company responsible for YOUR misconceptions and misunderstandings? Shame on you for not doing your own research. If you had, you would know what the minimal TOTAL NUMBER of skeins needed to complete the project! GRRRR

I am not an employee of ECS...and they are probably really glad of it. :)

by: VCESS on 04/20/17
Hands clapping VCESS, hands clapping.
by: Sunshine on 04/20/17
Vcess- still love your take on things!!
by: murillome on 04/20/17
Though weak in math, I went through the floss SKEIN amounts listed in the floss chart for this pattern and came up with the following:

Single skeins: 43

2 skeins of EACH color: 310, 422, 436, 814, 815, 902 = 12

3 skeins of EACH color: 938, 3828 = 6

4 skeins of: 3371 = 4
by: Bermuda on 04/20/17
LOL, Bermuda! Maybe she should tell her customer about ECS....improved customer service and probably better prices! :)
by: VCESS on 04/21/17
Thank you, Sunshine and Murilome! I appreciate your "sensibilities"! :)
by: VCESS on 04/21/17