Easy or.....
Hi there...
What level would anyone suggest this is?

A beginner?
An intermediate


Posted by: gra.tra on 04/20/17
Definitely not a beginner. I would classify it as Advanced due to the large size and the many flosses required. You will be changing colors frequently.
by: NANCYE G on 04/20/17
This is definitely not for a beginner. I have done several Mystic Stitch patterns because it is one of my favorite designers. Their projects are not for beginners. They are usually quite large and use many different colors and change them often. Their patterns are usually many pages. Hope this helps.
by: syagel on 04/20/17
I agree with Nancye and would add that you need the right temperament for this type of pattern. I consider myself an advanced stitcher, but I just had this kind of pattern, filled with confetti. I just saw this design a few days ago and love it, but I would never get past half a page.

The description says it's appropriate for a beginner, and if you have the right temperament, it may be fine for you. But I certainly wouldn't pick it as your first project.
by: Simon Purple on 04/20/17
Absolutely not a first project type...and nobody has mentioned the length of time it takes a very average type stitcher, like myself, to complete it. BUT...I would not discourage anyone from tackling WHATEVER you think you're big enough and determined enough to try for...This is a wonderful pattern! :) In the words of one of our terrific stitchers, "Couldn't you find a poster?" HAHAHAHAHA...she makes me laugh!
by: VCESS on 04/20/17