Peace Angel week 1
My goal was to finish above the bodice, but I only finished the white stitches. I love stitching white, I know I'm in the minority. I have no idea what I can finish in the next week, but I probably won't work on the face yet. I hate stitching one-over-one, but I love the effect.
Posted by: Simon Purple on 04/20/17
Just beautiful Simon!! Can't wait to see this one finished.
by: tspitz on 04/21/17
I would like to know if this pattern is full cross stitches only. I love the lavender and lace charts but don't know if only full cross stitches are used.
Thanks much!
by: sue on 04/21/17
For the most part, they are full crosses. The faces can be stitched over one or over two, and if you stitch over two, there will be a few half stitches. Sometimes there is no over one face option, and sometimes there is no over two option.

These patterns are very nice to stitch. They're is very little confetti, just when there are flowers. They are mostly large sections of single colors. A joy to stitch and so beautiful!
by: Simon Purple on 04/21/17
So beautiful, Simon! You have my utmost respect. If its not 14 to 18 pt aida, I don't even attempt it. Please keep posting updates!
by: Bluejay on 04/21/17
Thank you, bluejay! My interest is waning a bit, but I'm still going, just not full time. I may not post weekly anymore, just when I reach major milestones. I started knitting Christmas socks last week, plus I decided to try to learn piano again. I'm not used to having balance in my life.
by: Simon Purple on 04/21/17
Hi Simon,

I know exactly what you mean. I am trying to find that very same balance in my life too. 😃
by: Bluejay on 04/22/17
I'm usually ALL CROSS-STITCH ten hours a day, or ALL KNITTING ten hours a day, but I've been doing a little cross-stitch, a little piano, and a little knitting, and I'm not freaking out about it. It feels so much better, but I don't know how long it will last. Maybe I had to be 45 to finally chill out?
by: Simon Purple on 04/22/17
Well I will be sixty this year and just learning that lesson now. So you're fifteen years ahead of me. (((Grin)))
by: Bluejay on 04/22/17
This looks beautiful!. I can see why you like to work the white, seeing that it is on dark material. I wouldn't mind that, it's working white on white, or black on black. I did discover to put a white towel in my lap while working on dark material. Please keep us posted on your progress.
by: djhmom55 on 04/23/17