Colors of floss
I received the Last Supper kit. However, with so many color variations, I'm finding it difficult in separating the floss to the pattern on the chart. I'm. It sure I'm using the correct color on my work. Anyone else having this problem and what advice would you give in making sure I'm using the color needed on the project? Any help would be great.
Posted by: irishrose4 on 04/21/17
This is a pattern, not a kit. It is an Artecy pattern. Their patterns are very easy to follow. Yes, this pattern does have a lot of different colors. Each color has it's own unique symbol. Assuming that you will use DMC floss it should be easy to identify each color. If you match the color number to the symbol you should have no problems. Ignore the "color names." Go by the number.
by: NANCYE G on 04/21/17