Stopped to pick up Celtic Christmas.


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Oh, Tex! This is so beautiful! A treasure...And you got it posted! Brilliant! :)
It's lovely! Congratulations!
It is beautiful.
Beautiful!!! Someday I am going to stitch this. It's in my stash.
Lovely work and perfectly framed! On another note- is anyone else having problems accessing the chit chat area? It looks like a new format and when I try to access it from the home page it comes up blank. I can only view the latest posts on the home page😞
I could look at it all day. It's luscious!
Thanks for all your compliments. Luscious, Mary? Now I want raspberries and strawberries.
Texas - you did a gorgeous job with your Celtic Christmas. I made this pattern about 10 years ago and everytime I look at it I love it more. Thank you for sharing with us. cheryl
Cheryl, I told DD she could have it. Now I'm having second thoughts! LOL I'm not going back on my word. I have the other four that I can stitch. Thank you for the compliment. Enjoy yours! Didn't you mention that you stitched it twice? Don't know if I could do it.
This is beautiful!
Hi Texas...I came back into the chat room this morning and am so glad I got to see this "lady" completed. We talked about her many times...especially your thoughts about the huge amount of beads. She is beautiful! Congratulations! I have disappeared from view because my husband had a swift, sudden heart attack in February. The paramedic/ambulance crew got him to our regional hospital him into a catherization lab...inserted two stents and saved his life. In doing that the interventionist saw another 80% blockage. We went to Penn-Presbyterian in Philadelphia for that stent. life has changed drastically. He is having a hard time adjusting to the meds...I am sure that is nothing new. I have taken him twice to the ER (including Monday of this week). They are not sure why he is getting Angina...he did have open heart surgery 20 years ago. He had a double by pass. Through all of this, believe it or not, he has not had "damage" to his heart. That is a miracle. So the end of June we go back to see the surgeon in Philadelphia to see where we go from there. They left wires in his chest 20 years ago in case he needed a pace maker. They just "snipped" them off and left them. I think these Angina attacks are "positional". His favorite place to sleep is in his reclining chair. Twice now...he slept in bed and I wound up taking him to the ER in the morning. So, please say prayers for Bob...he is being very patient but is understandably frustrated. Each day is truly a gift. I have worked a few times on Nantucket Rose, however, I am so distracted and tired at this point my heart really isn't in it. Be well all of you.
Jerseycrafter, Please know that you and your husband are in my thoughts and prayers. What a terrible time you are brave, take care....
jersey, my heart goes out to you as are my prayers. Why do these things happen when we are already worn out from life and need time to ourselves. Could the angina stem from anxiety over his condition? Maybe he is afraid that he'll have another event. One of my neighbors had a minor heart attack a couple of years ago and still dealing with anxiety. She is a very strong and brave woman and is not letting it get the upper hand. But we are all different. Can't they adjust his meds and gradually ease him into the higher dosages or maybe something different? I get the feeling that doctors don't see us as people, just something broken to fix. Can family or friends help out or maybe in home health care providers? I have to do some checking around myself. DH is having his issues. He definitely needs a defibrillator/pace maker, he has to have another test to see if he needs his valve replaced at this time. He is wearing the portable life vest and whenever the gong goes off, he panics. It's always a low battery, or one of electrodes flipped around, thank goodness, so far. It could very well be positional in your husband's case. Maybe they need to have a look at the wires. I don't even want to think of what's ahead of me caring for DH. He is a very nice man but never listens to anything. He totally tunes out when we are at the doctors', ignorance is bliss and when I repeat their advice/orders at home he gives me a sarcastic smirk. I have to tell him 50 times a day to elevate his feet. Right now it's all about his food consumption. He is never hungry and whatever I fix doesn't taste "right". I'm tired of preparing meals that do not get eaten. He is supposed to drink plenty of water because his kidneys don't function well. I'm lucky if he drinks two bottles a day. I feel like a jailer. Please know that my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your husband. It really makes me sad that we have to deal with these issues. Whatever happened to the promise of the Golden Years? Thank you for your compliment. DD laid claim to CC. I might start on Celtic Spring. I just bought floss (and wound it on bobbins) for a Silver Lining project - a rose. Very pretty to look at but difficult to stitch. I had to frog the same area twice already. I never have time to sit and focus. I wanted to run much needed errands today but am sitting here waiting for a plumber to change out four faucets. You know the deal - between 10 and 12. I didn't even know that they worked on weekends. I called yesterday and she scheduled me for today. What's done is done but I wish he'd get here so I could get on with my life. As soon as I focus on my project the doorbell will ring. Just got a call, that he is on his way! Jersey, hang in there and keep posting his progress. Virtual hugs!
Really beautiful Texas! It's going to look lovely up on your wall, especially at Christmas time!, Jerseycrafter- I'm sorry to hear of the difficulties you and your husband are going through! Chatters were asking about you and now we know as to the why of it. You and your Husband are in my prayers. Could it be that your husband had those difficulties because he was laying flat in bed? Possibly watching for patterns as to when he is having difficulties ie. Body position might give clues to his difficulties. Also, I read an article some time ago that heart attack survivors may fear that certain activities will cause them to have another heart attack. Easy for me to say, "Hang in there" because I'm not in your situation, but know there are a lot of stitchers out here giving you and your husband prayers and support!
Thank you everyone. Your moral support means a great deal to me! Texas - are right. What happened to the Golden Years??!! You have your hands full with your husband as well. I will keep you in my prayers also. As for the meds Bob is taking...there is one he is supposed to take twice a day which just "knocks him out" with tiredness. So...he is taking a smaller dose four times. That issue is much better. As for "anxiety" about this situation...for the most part he does very well. When he had the heart attack in February as far as pain he told the doctors on a scale of one to was a ten. Both times I have had him back to the ER...he is at a five. He starts taking Nitroglycerin at home...after two if the third one didn't help...I took him to the ER. His enzyme tests come back clean as well as his EKG. So...this is a mystery. These visits could not have been the result of anything strenuous he did....he had been sleeping! I think there is something going on from the earlier by passes. I am sure the surgeon in Philadelphia is going to shed some light on all of this. Bermuda - Thank you for your prayers. We all have times in life when we are "up against it". This is certainly mine! I am suspicious about Bob's Angina being positional as you mentioned. We have a sleep number bed which he just "sinks into". He loves it. When they performed his by passes long ago...they did tell him at some point he may develop Arthritis near his sternum where they worked. So...I think when he is laying on his side for a long time sleeping, "something" in his chest is affected. I think by process of elimination they will figure this out! I am recovering from Bronchitis and am going to make a nice cup of hot tea! Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers. I always say that if you have your health you can "negotiate" everything else. P>S. Bob is sound asleep in his recliner now...
Texas Stitcher, This is absolutely gorgeous! You did an exceptional job on her! Just love her red dress! Can't wait to see the other ones as they are done! Again, great job! Jacquie