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Hi everyone. I am new to this site, and wanted to say hi. I bought this Ocean pattern from this site, and wanted to share a wip.


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Welcome! Love the beach scene. I love working on seasonal stuff. Like now I am working on seashells! Jacquie
Hi Jacquie! Thanks for the welcome! This is the first cross stitch I have done in a while, and I'm sort of rediscovering my love for it. Seasonal stuff is really fun! I also really liked the little drinks on the table, they'll show up better when I backstitch haha, right now they probably just look like random blocks of color.
I''m new here too, love the beach, looks like a fun piece. I'm working on a black lab puppy...not so much fun as the actual puppy!
Hi welcome to you too :) Ooh, a puppy. That sounds adorable.
Welcome. I love this site. Everyone showing what they are working on. I have learned a lot.
Welcome you will love it here. Everyone very kind and most helpful. Service is great too
@surt8511 and @Maryb, Thank you guys for the welcome. ^_^
Hi Veronica, what a good idea to introduce yourself. This is a good website and always good advice available for the asking. I've benefitted a lot and the original tips available can be really fun. Enjoy. Nice beach scene.
@Marydenmark, Hello! :) Thanks for the welcome and the compliment. It's nice to meet you.
Welcome to the "chat" message board! It's always nice to see new people come onto the chat!😃
@Bermuda: *waves* Nice to meet you! Thanks so much for the warm welcome.