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Hello everyone :) By now, you know that we have redesigned and reformatted our website...yay!! It's been a long process in the works and this update stemmed from having to keep up with all of the ever changing ways of technology. In order for our platform (website) to work on mobile devices, tablets, etc....we had to reformat everything and in doing that, we made some much needed updates to things on here. Now, please keep in mind that we are still working on things. We never know what is going to actually work on the new website until we "roll it live" so we are slowly finding things that we need to fix, replace, add, etc...but we would love your input on the new website as a whole. What do you like, what do you not like, what would like to see added or taken away or even done differently?! Now that the new format is out and done, we can now work on the other things that make our website great for you all :) So, post away and let us know your thoughts, opinions and ideas. I am taking all of your posts to the powers that be and we are going to have a meeting about everything. So please know that all of your posts will be chatted about and taken into consideration. While we won't be able to please everyone and do everything that gets mentioned, we are going to do best to make it happen for ya :) Thank you all so much in advance for participating and for being patient with us as we are tackling this new format. ~Kristi @ ECS


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Hi Kristi. I really like the new format. The only thing I have found so far that needs to be tweaked is the pages for searches. When I looked at the pattern category for one of the topics it has several pages. When I clicked to go to page 2 it did not take me to the top of page 2. I stayed at the bottom even though page 2 was displayed. I expected to be taken to the top of page 2.
Thanks Sunshine!! I wasn't aware that was happening so I will add to the list and we will get it fixed. Thanks so much :) ~Kristi @ ECS
I love the new wishlist format! I like the layout, and now it shows the prices on the main page, and not have to click on each item to remember what each item costs! Also, agree with Sunshine. I thought maybe my pc was just acting up! But yeah, when you scroll through search pages, the next page starts you at either the middle or the bottom of the page, not the top. Very annoying!
When someone has uploaded a photo, it only shows on the main feed and doesn't show up when I open the post. I used to be able to click on the photo to blow it up, but I can't do this anymore.
Rosebud, If you click on the "Show Larger" print that is under the pic, it should show up larger for you. If you click on the Image itself to make it larger, it will not show up. This is something we are aware of and we are working on. But for now, just click on the "Show Larger" option that's there and it should work for you. ~Kristi @ ECS
Hi Kristi - I love the larger font of the typing on the chat board and other places on the new site. These old eyes just can't read small stuff anymore. I also love the wish list layout - much nicer to see and more information available on the spot. The only thing I am missing so far is the fabric calculator. I use it before I order any fabric for a new project. Maybe I just haven't found it yet. But I do really like everything about it - and especially your picture when you answer. Makes it feel like a more personal response. Give everyone at ECS my kudo's for a job well done as I know it has been a work in process for a long time. Thank you all so much. cheryl
I dont like my browser full screen so I keep it smaller. With this format I dont have to slide the bar over to see the far side, especially when I go to the reply part of the messages. I also like the larger type. I like to the way the pictures come up in the middle of the screen. Thanks
Love the new layout for the wishlist and how it is more compressed with the thumbnail images and the prices where I can easily see them. One small suggestion .... I like to check the new kits and patterns that you get in and add to your list. It took me a while to find it on the home page. I found them under here: What's New in Patterns or Kits If you could make the "Kits" and "Patterns" words in this a different color to indicate they are a hyperlink instead of requiring a mouse over to find the link with the underlined text, that may make it a bit easier to find. However, now that I've found them, I know where to go :D ... so may be only useful for someone new coming to the site.
Kristi- I looked and there isn't a "show larger" option for the photos on the mobile version.
Hi Kristi, I'm really new to this website, but I did see the old site for like 2 days LOL, when I ordered some kits from you guys. The only thing I have seen that I would improve upon with the new site is that when I went to view a kit, on the kit description page, sometimes the picture would be unclickable. Some of the pictures were really small so I was trying to find a way to view the picture larger. It would be helpful when trying to decide whether to purchase a certain kit. If I can't see what the picture really looks like, it's more likely that I will pass over it. Thanks for asking for input!
Hi, Kristi, I was using the DMC quick entry for floss and noticed that 932 on quick entry says it's not found, but you do have it on the other screen where you can click on the number and add it to the cart. I don't know if other numbers do the same, but wanted to let you know. Like the new wish list, wanted to know if it would show when items are on sale in there, that is does the price change in the wish list to reflect when an item is on sale? Thanks in advance. You guys are awesome! I placed a crazy big order for my mom for mother's day and you guys did great pulling all those colors! My mom spent 2 days sorting out her order and will be stitching all year and then some. Boy was she surprised, and she is impossible to pull one over on... THANK YOU! You know, I also miss the clearance tab you used to have. Am I just missing it or is it gone?
I really like the new format, especially the wish list. It is so much easier to see what is on there. I would like to see an enlargement of charts when you put your cursor on it, instead of clicking. It then takes you to another page, then you have to go backwards to go back where you were. If we could just put the cursor on it for an enlargement, then it would go back to regular size when you take the cursor off. My description is not very good. I hope you understand what I mean.
I also am looking for the fabric calculator. I haven't been able to find it yet. Any help would be appreciated
The new design is awesome! My only desire: when I place something into my Wish List, please let there be some designation if that pattern is already in the list (for good or bad, I'm very consistent, but my old mind isn't as as good as remembering as it used to be...). Thanks!
Kristi love the new look of the chat room. Took a little getting used to, but I love the fact that everything is larger. These old eyes don't have to squint now to read. LOL Really like the picture of you so now I know who I am "talking" to. Cute picture.
Kristi, I'm dying to know what is on your head in that picture! I really like that you can post a picture in a chat reply. Edited to remove that part about the pictures on posts. It works now! When I'm looking at fabric, the pop-up for fabric size won't go away and it blocks the pictures of fabric colors. If I could close the box, it would be perfect.
Kristi, I noticed that when you have items in your cart you can't click on any of them and check them like the old site.
Love the visually larger format. Website looks brighter and more cheery than the old! Where is the fabric calculator? Can't find it. Also, would you re-format the calculator to add an "EXTRA inches of fabric" window where a stitcher can enter 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 inches for how many inches to be added to EACH side of fabric, THEN have the calculator calculate the "size fabric needed to order". I believe your "old" calculator automatically added only 2 or 2 1/2 inches to each side, but I normally order 3 inches to each side. If I want to add more fabric it's because I'm either wanting more of the fabric to show or adding multiple-matting or adding more words, dates, etc. below the finished project. I guess what I'm saying is giving the stitcher the control of how many inches of fabric he/she wants to add to each side of fabric and having the calculator give TOTAL size of "fabric needed". Thank you! 😀
Wow! Haven't really looked at everything, but this is appears easy to navigate still. Love the site font. Well done ECS team! Love that you are staying current with technology and that even with the changes, I don't feel left behind. : )
The changes are looking great! Love the wish list! BUT...I miss my notifications!!! Haven't received one since the change-over...I'm the one wringing my hands over my e-mail on a Kindle. :)
Thank you all so much for all of your input!! I really do appreciate it!! We are having our meeting tomorrow so I have compiled everything into a presentation for the powers that be so they will get all of your input, ideas, issues, etc...all at one time. I am glad to hear that everyone enjoys the new format of the website!! It is taking me some getting used to but I am navigating my around just like you guys :) Oh and I am glad that you like my pic!! I just took one in my office one day last week so I had a picture to put there, lol! But my hair is on top of my's just in a small messy bun :) Half up, half down kind of thing. Thanks again everyone and I am looking forward to presenting all of your posts to the guys!! ~Kristi @ ECS
Hi Kristi, Thank you for all you are doing for the Chat. On an android phone, you can't see the author of the replies. You can see the person who created the topic, but none of the associated responses. Can that be fixed? Otherwise it's hard replying when you don't know who you are replying to. I do like the fact that you can now post a photo in a reply though. Also, when you hit the return button, it takes you to page 1 of the chat instead of the page you are currently on. Many Thanks again, Bluejay
Hi Kristi: The new format is fine but I cannot find the Fabric Size Calculator. Most things are done based on 14 count aida or some on linen like fabric 25 count and up over two. I do not work on 14 count. I prefer, and do all my patterns, using 16 to 20 count aida. I loved the calculator and used it constantly when looking at and buying patterns to see which stitch count would be what I would want to use for a project. Is the calculator somewhere else that it can be accessed ? Ginny Parker / Florida
Hi Kristi: The new format is fine but I cannot find the Fabric Size Calculator. Most things are done based on 14 count aida or some on linen like fabric 25 count and up over two. I do not work on 14 count. I prefer, and do all my patterns, using 16 to 20 count aida. I loved the calculator and used it constantly when looking at and buying patterns to see which stitch count would be what I would want to use for a project. Is the calculator somewhere else that it can be accessed ? Ginny Parker / Florida
Love the new website "look" - much more contemporary, and love the new features on the forum. Kudos to the staff that worked hard getting this done, and I was really happy to see that the items I'd placed in my cart (but hadn't checked out with yet) survived the website transfer!
Thanks for the updates. As usual ECS is on the cutting edge for the betterment of their customers. Having been a 'up dater" programmer in the past, it's difficult to keep the "changes" smooth, but, you guys are like the "bunny" keep on going!!!!