selling my creations
Hi- I am a lady who can no longer work. I need to make some income to help me pay my bills. I have been buying some small profects on here and I hope to sell some at a craft show or yard sales. Is there any tips or advice you can share with me to make this happen and/or how to make a little profit doing this. I have no idea how or were to start! Thank you!

Posted by: serena.grisdale1 on 05/19/17
I don't know what kind of permits you would need at craft fairs, etc. Would you have your own stall, table or get together with other folks selling items? I don't know how big the market is for cross stitch items. Again, I don't know what your religious affiliation is but that could be a venue. Handcrafted items generate barely any income. One spends too much money and time - so I've been told. I just bought an "abandoned" tiny, tiny project at our local shop and she charged $75 but that included the frame. How would you finish your projects? Framing, pillows, bell pulls? Maybe friends would commission you to create items for them. Do your research before you invest money and time and good luck to you.
by: Texas Stitcher on 05/20/17
I have to agree with Texas Stitcher. Around here hand crafted items like cross stitching, crocheting and knitting items at craft shows just don't sell for enough to cover the time put in to do them. Most of the prices barely cover the cost of the supplies.

I am sure there are others here who can give you advice from where they live, but I just don't think you would make all that much on your projects no matter how beautiful they were.
by: syagel on 05/20/17
I have to agree with the other two. I believe that only other stitchers have an idea of how much time is spent on each item. I bought a beautiful framed cross-stitch picture that I'm sure took many, many hours to make. It was marked $10. at a flea market and when the girl saw me looking at it, she said I could have it for $5.! I would have gladly paid more than the $10. but very happy to get it for less. It's hanging in my home, beside something I stitched. Maybe with smaller projects, you'll sell more at craft shows, etc. Give it a try and see how it goes. Wish you good luck.
by: Senior Stitcher on 05/20/17
Hi- Thank you for the kind and helpful replies craft friends. Yes I had a feeling that what you both have stated about crafts not being worth the talent and cost that goes into the projects, as sad as it is. I will do it mostly for fun and relaxation and rent a table before Christmas and see how it goes with out exceptions. I am finding patterns I can reuse and inexpensive which I have found on this stitching sight. Any future ideas or thoughts I welcome kindly.

The Happy Sticher
by: serena.grisdale1 on 05/20/17
I know in Canada, handmade crafts, don't sell for much money. Like my fellow stitchers' commented, more often than not it costs you more money to do the project, than you would make selling it. Before you start selling your projects look to see if there are any copyrights laws that you may be infringing upon. I don't know how it works in the US but in Canada if it is your original design you are able to sell it. However if it is a design from somebody's pattern or kit, and you make it you are only allowed to give it away as a gift.
Good Luck with your sales!

by: ykunne2006 on 05/20/17
have you checked out ebay but don't know how much to become a seller?
by: hobbies on 05/21/17
You do lovely work Serena. I have a friend who has sold some on eBay. You could take a look there and see what price is being asked. Good luck but I think you'll find that it isn't very lucrative.
by: Marydenmark on 05/21/17
There is a stitching store near my work that has a lady do a whole lot of samples for her to hang around the store. I think they are for sale too! I would think she pays her to do the samples and then perhaps a percentage if they sell. If you have any stitching stores near you, you could give that a try. Craft fairs are a good idea but unfortunately, I never have any luck selling anything but good luck to you if you give it a try.
by: ladyj117 on 05/22/17