here we go again!

Yesterday my husband and I went to his specialist ti see why he has had some pain in his stomach. After a few tests they have found a 4 cm cancer growth in his intestine which they are going to remove. After going almost 10 years clear from his first tumour it has come as a shock to us and I don't know if I can stay strong this time for him (although I intend to try). I just feel completely lost and bewildered this time as I had thought we had beaten the beast but apparently not. So here we go again - another round of surgery and chemo and probably radiography. Sorry I'm just venting my frustration and stress to everyone to try and relieve my feelings..


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My prayers and thoughts go out to you and your husband. It is so sad that he has made it 10 years and no problems and now it rears its ugly head again. You know you can always come to your friends here on the chat board and vent anytime. Sometimes you just need to let all the anger and pain out so you can go ahead. We are all here for you and will do whatever we can to help you through this. All our love, cheryl
Deidre, My prayers to you and your husband. It is good to vent your feelings rather than hold them in; there is a sense of relief when you can unload the shock, anger and bewilderment of the whole situation. You will be strong for him since many times people just don't realize the inner strength they do have in themselves. We're here to listen, encourage, support; you have a lot of friends on the chat.
I am praying for you and your family . God is good and he will take care of both of you. .
Deidre, Sending prayers for you and your husband. Be brave....know it's hard to do, but venting helps...
Deirdre, Good thoughts, strength, and prayers I am sending your way. Please know that you can always vent to us your cross stitching pals! We are here for the good and the bad! Keep your chin up, keep the faith and know that God is with you both! Jacquie
So sorry Deidre. I hope that your DH can get started on his treatment asap. Getting into the "system" always seems to bring a degree of feeling a bit safer I think. Do keep us informed.
Deidre, you can do it. I'm going through a difficult time with my DH and am a nervous wreck. I have decided not let it take over my life or his. We are doing all that we can and there is no more. My thoughts and good wishes are with you both. Hang in there and if things get you down, then come here and vent. The group here is understanding and supportive. Most have had their own trials and tribulations and understand. Mary, you are so right. Once the ball gets rolling, a feeling of calm descends.
Deidre, I forgot to mention that medicine has come a long way in the last ten years, so , hopefully, things will be much easier.
Thank you all for your best wishes We really appreciate them. He had the blood tests yesterday (6-30 in the morning at the clinic)! Now we wait for the call up to have his CT Scan to see if there are any other tumours (hopefully not) and decide when they have the surgery done. I haven't reached for the wine yet I will probably just contact the horse sale people and bid on a horse at the sale instead! A friend rang and asked him if we could help our trainer at the races this Friday as they are in the process of shifting house so that will be fun and take our minds off things. My next order from ECS should be arriving soon so I will be able to start the Wedding sampler for a friend who is getting married in November. I fell in love with the pattern (Wedding Prayer by Imaginating). Many thanks again. Deirdre
Prayers for successful treatment, and a speedy recovery. Remember to take care of yourself.
Deirdre, I am sorry to learn that your husband has to go through this process again. With all of the advancements today in medicine I am going to keep a positive thought that he will beat this thing. I will keep both of you in my prayers. I will especially pray for an "extra measure of strength" for you........
vent all you want we are good listeners and we don't judge. give him a get well kiss form all of us best wishes
Deidre, vent here all you want. I don't post much but I pray for those going through troubles here. I went through junk a few years ago and found wonderful people listening and supporting me here and in my face to face life. The difference is, you can give your frustrations here anytime. I am listening and praying for my "board buddies" at ECS. You have more strength when you remember to take care of yourself too. Don't get run down and unload the crud.
Went to the hospital for his CT scan on Friday and go back to hospital to see the surgeon this Friday to discuss what it showed and what they are going to do about it. I must be letting it get to me as last Friday I went to enter a client's accounting details on the computer (my husband is an accountant) and discovered the disc was corrupted and I could not get the details off it. I sat there for a moment and said "I don't need this " walked out of the office and went to the bathroom and cried my eyes out for about ten minutes. Then went back to the office started the client's details from the beginning (after throwing the disc across the room). I will make it but what condition I will be in I don't know as I am dealing with my husband's mother whose health is failing and the family is running for cover (until the will is read). Oh well it could be worse I suppose - I could have made a mistake in my stitching!!
You had a 'meltdown' as many of us have in times of great stress. It's understandable. You are not alone...
Deirdre, I can only imagine how you are feeling. My thoughts and prayers are with you and husband. I have asked my prayer group from church to pray for your family. Feel free to vent whenever you need to. Sue.
My birthday was on Friday and my dear husband gave me gift cards as per usual so I can get whatever I want. He says it takes the stress out of choosing something for me. I like it . On Sunday my sister-in-law came down and gave me her present and oh joy!! It was something I picked out in the latest Fox International catalogue - an Artecy pattern called "Snowfall" which is on ECS's site She also bought the material and cottons so that I can start it whenever I like. It was a lovely ending to a stressful week and my husband has said he wants me start it as soon as possible so I have got my UFO of snow leopards in the snow out and will finish it first so that can use the frame for the new one ( it has been a work in progress for about 30 years so I really think I should get it finished smartly). Many thanks for every ones thoughts and prayers they are really appreciated.
Deirdre...first of all happy birthday to you! I just checked out the Artecy Snowfall is just stunning. I wouldn't mind making this one myself! It is just beautiful! Best of luck to & your husband will remain in my prayers. Carol
Saying prayers for your husband🙏
Prayers to you and your husband. Currently going through chemo myself and know the process can be draining, but you can find strength and hope with your support system and prayer.
Saw the surgeon today and they will be operating in the next four weeks. There will be no need for any chemo they think so that is something. It was a bit frightening listening to that they intend to do and the possible problems they might encounter but the surgeon assured us that the possibility of anything happening was very slim so we wait and pray for the best outcome. When we got back I went out and bought the material to stitch the wedding sampler so that I can start this weekend. I have chosen the pattern "Wedding Prayer" from Imaginating which I bought from ECS. I fell in love with this pattern and have five months to finish it. Many thanks for all your best wishes it is keeping us confident of a good outcome.
Deirdre, I wish you and your husband the very best in the coming weeks. I did look at the Wedding Prayer. Since it is in blue, I couldn't really read the printed it off in black ink. The verbiage is just beautiful and I am sure will be greatly appreciated!
Wishing you and your DH the best in the coming weeks! Waiting for the surgery seems to be more nerve-wracking than the surgery itself....
Deirdre, you and your husband are in my prayers. Feel free to vent anytime you need to. We are all wishing the best for you and your family. Sending prayers from Columbus Ohio.
Yay we have progress!! He goes for a pre-op talk on the 30th. June and has been booked for surgery 10th. July. It is now a big rush to get as many clients' work completed before then as I will be working limited hours because I will be with him at the hospital. Have started my new project - the wedding prayer and was going well until I discovered I had stitched the second line of writing 1 row too low!! Grrr. Then spent the next hour carefully unpicking all my previous hour's work. Oh well back to the start and count and recount again and again until I get it right. Sigh!!
Hi Dierdre , you're frogging brought to mind a meal that DH and I were ordering in Normandy in the 80s. We were beginning with snails but my picky DH said that he didn't want Garlic in the snail butter. The waiter folded his arms across his chest and in the most assertive manner said, "no Garlic, no snail!" And that was that!! I think the same can be said for us, "no frogging, no cross stitch!"
Prayers of strength and healing heading your way. Remember you are stronger than you think! Here is praying and hoping for a successful surgery, quick recovery and remission from cancer for your husband! Jacquie
In my thoughts and prayers for a successful outcome.
Mary, your husband is so bold and brave. Whatever made him think that he could make special requests or changes to a recipe in a French upscale restaurant?????!!! I would have ordered the garlic butter sauce with baguette. Someone else could have eaten the escargots. I eat 90% of what's available on earth but snails, raw oysters, any raw meats or seafood is something I cannot eat. Don't ask me why, my mom all but beat the pickiness out of me. Corporeal punishment was very much alive back then. I agree with your analogy. We do have to take the good with the bad. :) I just had to order pizza again for GD. I cannot understand how she can eat that stuff three times a week. She is so picky that she won't even eat school lunches. DD has to pack her lunch every day. Next week is Science Camp, hopefully, I can get caught up on a few things. Wednesday it's off to Dallas again, DH has an appointment for a mega work up and more the following week, in anticipation of the valve replacement, that is if he is a candidate. Another stressful two weeks and then the wait until and then the procedure. It's life. At least one son will be able to make it, so that will help. The hospital actually has a hotel but I have to see the accommodations before I commit.
thoughts and prayers coming your way for both of you.. Darlene
Some years ago I had read the Harry Potter books. Then later I had gotten cancer. I remembered one line, I think Hagrid said it. I made a poster of it and hung it on my wall above my desk. No good sittin worryin' abou' it. Whats comin' will come an' we'll meet it when it does.
How true, Sara. If only we had a switch to turn that worry button off!
I keep this photo handy...
A few years ago I stitched "What Cancer cannot do" which I purchased from ECS. I had planned to give it to the oncology unit that Rodney had attended for his treatment but as yet it as not left the building! I think I will remove it from its brown paper binding and hand it up at the office were we work and I can see it every day and try to get strength from the message. Surgery is due early next month.