here we go again!
Yesterday my husband and I went to his specialist ti see why he has had some pain in his stomach. After a few tests they have found a 4 cm cancer growth in his intestine which they are going to remove. After going almost 10 years clear from his first tumour it has come as a shock to us and I don't know if I can stay strong this time for him (although I intend to try). I just feel completely lost and bewildered this time as I had thought we had beaten the beast but apparently not. So here we go again - another round of surgery and chemo and probably radiography. Sorry I'm just venting my frustration and stress to everyone to try and relieve my feelings..
Posted by: deirdre on 05/29/17
My prayers and thoughts go out to you and your husband. It is so sad that he has made it 10 years and no problems and now it rears its ugly head again. You know you can always come to your friends here on the chat board and vent anytime. Sometimes you just need to let all the anger and pain out so you can go ahead. We are all here for you and will do whatever we can to help you through this. All our love,
by: clpatt123 on 05/29/17
My prayers to you and your husband. It is good to vent your feelings rather than hold them in; there is a sense of relief when you can unload the shock, anger and bewilderment of the whole situation. You will be strong for him since many times people just don't realize the inner strength they do have in themselves. We're here to listen, encourage, support; you have a lot of friends on the chat.
by: Bermuda on 05/29/17
I am praying for you and your family . God is good and he will take care of both of you. .
by: surt8511 on 05/29/17
Deidre, Sending prayers for you and your husband. Be brave....know it's hard to do, but venting helps...
by: maubennett on 05/30/17
Good thoughts, strength, and prayers I am sending your way. Please know that you can always vent to us your cross stitching pals! We are here for the good and the bad! Keep your chin up, keep the faith and know that God is with you both!
by: ladyj117 on 05/30/17
So sorry Deidre. I hope that your DH can get started on his treatment asap. Getting into the "system" always seems to bring a degree of feeling a bit safer I think. Do keep us informed.
by: Marydenmark on 05/30/17
Deidre, you can do it. I'm going through a difficult time with my DH and am a nervous wreck. I have decided not let it take over my life or his. We are doing all that we can and there is no more. My thoughts and good wishes are with you both. Hang in there and if things get you down, then come here and vent. The group here is understanding and supportive. Most have had their own trials and tribulations and understand.
Mary, you are so right. Once the ball gets rolling, a feeling of calm descends.
by: Texas Stitcher on 05/30/17
Deidre, I forgot to mention that medicine has come a long way in the last ten years, so , hopefully, things will be much easier.
by: Texas Stitcher on 05/30/17
Thank you all for your best wishes We really appreciate them. He had the blood tests yesterday (6-30 in the morning at the clinic)! Now we wait for the call up to have his CT Scan to see if there are any other tumours (hopefully not) and decide when they have the surgery done. I haven't reached for the wine yet I will probably just contact the horse sale people and bid on a horse at the sale instead! A friend rang and asked him if we could help our trainer at the races this Friday as they are in the process of shifting house so that will be fun and take our minds off things. My next order from ECS should be arriving soon so I will be able to start the Wedding sampler for a friend who is getting married in November. I fell in love with the pattern (Wedding Prayer by Imaginating). Many thanks again. Deirdre
by: deirdre on 05/30/17
Prayers for successful treatment, and a speedy recovery. Remember to take care of yourself.
by: Jaj on 05/30/17