HEAD Designs Opinions wanted
Hi all I was just wanting to get some of your experiences and opinions on the HEAD design. I have been looking at them for quite some time and I have started to save up for one as they seem to be expensive. I was curious about working on linen since I have never done that, I have only used 14-18 count Aida. Is working on linen harder? Also are these designs hard? I have cross stitched for over 20 years and I don't want to spend the money if it is something that I might deem to hard and then just not do. Any other opinions and experiences will be helpful.

Happy stitching,
Posted by: Nettie on 06/07/17
Hi Nettie, I think you are "very wise" to ask about working on these designs!! First of all, for many years I have worked on linen, mostly 32 count, making Lavender & Lace Angels....as well as....L&L Santa of the Forest. I love working on linen because it gives the background of the design a kind of "old world" look which I love. Now....about Heaven & Earth designs. I have not yet made one, however, upon the encouragement from one of the "veteran" stitchers in this Chat Room called Bermuda, I have ordered two designs and have the supplies to complete them. First is "The Toy Box". These designs are worked over ONE thread which will be a first for me. Bermuda as well as another Stitcher TTcantiques encouraged me to use 25 Count Antique White Laguna for this design. It is an "even" fabric and since I will be going "over one" for the first time, they both convinced me that it would be easier for me to apply the stitches.
The other design I am holding is also H&E = Portrait of Father Xmas. It is also a stunning picture....I will also work it on the 25 count Laguna. NOW....(take a breath)....having said all of this....I would encourage you to try something on Linen, but I think for these designs, for you and me....Laguna would probably be a better choice. I hope the other Stitchers I mentioned (or anyone else!) see this posting and will offer their thoughts. I am curious....which Heaven and Earth design do you "have you eye on"??!! I hope this all makes sense to you!
by: jerseycrafter on 06/07/17
jersey, I agree that Lugana is the best choice to enter the world of linen. It is so easy to stitch. HAED is a little ambitious and I haven't stitched over one. Maybe one day! Do you use one or two strands of floss?
Nettie, perhaps you could try a small project first and see how you like it or even a swatch. No point in spending so much money only to have it sit in your stash. I'll be curious to know what you decide.
by: Texas Stitcher on 06/07/17
Nettie, I agree with the two previous posts about working on Lugana rather than Linen. I love linen for Pulled/Drawn Thread and Hardanger types of embroidery but have never liked it for cross stitch because the threads can very greatly in thickness resulting in the cross stitches looking inconsistent (This might be a me issue!). I have a couple HAED designs in my stash and am looking at a couple additional ones. I recommend you go to HAED's website and look at the free patterns they have. While each artists designs with have a different look, it would give you an idea of what their charts look like and may help you decide if it is something you would enjoy doing. You may be able to find a small portion of one that you could use as your "test" sample as well. I completed The Silver Lining's Parrot Tulip pattern over 1 a few years ago. I did it on 28 count using 1 thread for both cross stitch and back stitch. It turned out wonderfully. I did experiment with the colors in the chart before I started to determine how many threads I wanted to use. As others have mentioned, some of the colors (black especially) do not give the same coverage as others so your decision may also very with the main colors in the chart you are doing. Good Luck!
by: NancyV on 06/07/17
To Jersycrafter re HAED :|"the Toy Bx". I have done this one & it's beautiful BUT I recommend using Petite Braid Treasures ( I think that's how it's spelled) NOT the #4 Krienik!!!!!! The Krienik was way too thick & bunched up & was UGLY! I nearly ruined the material pulling it out. Thankfully I hadn't done too much. I notified HAED & they said the braid was their default thread & to use whatever suited me. Hope this makes it easier for you.
by: terryd on 06/07/17
Hi Nettie,
I just came from the Heaven and Earth website because I was notified they have a "flash sale" going on with NO end date meaning the sale can be stopped 2 minutes from now, two hours, 2 days, etc.
I have been working on an HAED pattern called "Sacred Hour" for about the last 1 1/2 years (more off than on) and I'm doing it on 25-count Lugana - a wonderful evenweave fabric-and doing it one strand of floss over one square. I only have about 1/4 of it done. As the other stitchers have said, one has to be really committed to doing one of the HAEDs. I do stitch smaller projects to prevent burnout for working on an HAED BUT if you finish one, it looks like an art painting.
For all of those that are curious, check out the HAED design that just came out on their website titled "Mediterranean Harbor-Max Color" ( the number of colors) and also Enlarged in size (almost double the regular size!!!) LOL!!! Hmmmmm.... I wonder who Special Requested that chart to be created....
by: Bermuda on 06/07/17
For those of you who wanted to know which one I am looking at purchasing, this is the one because it reminds me of my beautiful cat who looks exactly like this and who is my spoiled, precious, brat...lol
by: Nettie on 06/07/17
I am having my first experience with Lugana...pleasant, I must agree.

BUT, for cover-all patterns, I cannot see the why of using the more expensive evenweaves...especially with the higher count aidas of these days. If I hadn't given the DD my piece of 16 ct aida, I would be using that instead of the lugana, I think...especially since it was already gridded! :)

by: VCESS on 06/07/17
LOVE this cat! Mine was named Puddin'...a lovely, loving sweetie that was pampered to the extreme...she was my companion as my kids moved on. :)
by: VCESS on 06/07/17
Hi Nettie,

The HAED designs are charted for the most part on 25 count evenweave fabric like Lugana, over one square like Aida so they are not difficult to stitch. They can have lots of colour changes and single colour stitches in a small area which can be frustrating but gives them the depth that looks so nice when finished. You can stitch them on Aida but be aware that the finished size will be larger and appear more 'blurry'. Some people don't like this effect.

I wouldn't say they are difficult, but they are expensive as they can use a lot of thread and a big time commitment. The average finishing time for a large project is about 3-5 years, so don't expect to have it done in 6 months...unless you're prepared to do nothing else! Don't we all wish!

When finished they are certainly worth the time and effort.
by: MissKitty on 06/07/17
Nettie! Nice choice! What a beautiful cat. I had a long haired North American who lived ten years and grew to be 28 lbs.
His name was Marco Polo. He was r-e-a-l-l-y something!!
by: jerseycrafter on 06/07/17