Edit: It's done! I just put it in a frame I got for my wedding. It's now sitting on top of my storage cabinet in the bathroom.

Hello, I thought I would share my wip of my Ocean mini that I bought on this site last month. I'm really enjoying it. I have had to frog a few stitches, but that hasn't deterred me. At this point, I'm almost done with the picture on the right, as the left has the word Ocean running down the side. I haven't been able to put it down because I am almost done with the picture on the right. LOL.
Posted by: veronichrome on 06/08/17
Love it! I've a weakness for beach pictures! Love the colors! Great job! Are you going to frame it?
by: Bermuda on 06/08/17
@Bermuda: Thanks! Yeah, I have a weakness for beach pictures too, especially ones with palm trees. My wish list will tell you that much LOL. Yes, I have quite a few smaller frames I got when I got married, and they've been laying around my house collecting dust, so some of these little cross stitch patterns will get put in those frames and then I can display them proudly. ^_^
by: veronichrome on 06/08/17
Great job! I am relaxed just looking at it. I was thinking of buying this one and I think you have convinced me!
by: ladyj117 on 06/09/17
@Jacquie: Thank you! I'm glad you were relaxed looking at it. ^_^ This one is really fun! A lot of tent stitches in it, so it goes really quick! Also it's only 5x7 inches too. I have another project I want to start, but I'm thinking about it, and I feel like I want to finish this one before I start the new one (HAED). I think it'll be pretty easy to finish. :D
by: veronichrome on 06/09/17
I am fairly new to the stitching world. What are tent stitches?
by: ladyj117 on 06/09/17
Hi Jacquie!

Tent stitches are half stitches, but they secure the back of the fabric a bit more than half stitches. With Half Stitches, the back of the fabric has vertical stitches in it, but if you do it too much, then it can warp certain fabrics. With Tent Stitches, the back of the fabric has diagonal stitches in it, so it keeps the fabric from warping.
by: veronichrome on 06/10/17
So how is the tent stitch done?

Bermuda, this looks suspiciously like the place we retreat to, well, a small portion of it. Doesn't it?
by: Texas Stitcher on 06/10/17
Yes Texas, it does. I wonder if Veronichrome has been at the 'retreat' place, perhaps a little bit further down the beach from us. Think she would like to join us with a cabana-striped beach chair with a walkie -talkie of her own? Do I see an ice cold beverage on the small table next to her chair in her finished pattern??
How are things going for you? Have you had a few minutes in your hectic days to go to "the beach?"
And what is a "tent" stitch??
by: Bermuda on 06/10/17
@Texas Stitcher & @Bermuda:

Tent stitch is a half stitch that is diagonal on the back as well as the front. It keeps the fabric from warping. It's not as big an issue with Aida, but some linens I've heard can warp if a lot of half stitches are used. So basically on the back of your fabric, the tent stitch would be like \\\\ whereas the half stitch is ||||. When you pull your stitches through and don't finish the cross, the fabric gets used to it and so then it starts getting warped (some fabrics). The tent stitch prevents that. But it's basically the same as a half stitch, the difference is where you put the needle when you come back up through the fabric.

@Bermuda: I would love to join you at your retreat place if you'll have me. Yes, there are some alcoholic beverages on that table in the pattern. LOL. One is a martini and the other is a cocktail. It will be more obvious when I do the backstitching. Heehee.
by: veronichrome on 06/10/17
Thank you for providing instructions on the "tent" stitch;
I'm trying to remember if this stitch is used when doing crewel work. I know I've heard of this stitch before but just can't place where.
Sure you can join our " beach" retreat, anyone.can.
It is all in the mind you understand. I would describe it as a form of a mental "relaxation technique" ; some people would call it 'daydreaming' others "meditation'.
Believe it or not, Many years ago I took a college course that taught us how to relax through 'mental imagery'; each person created a mental image that was calming, soothing and relaxing to that specific person. I was taking the class to reduce my stress in facing final exams in college.
That's how "the beach" came into existence on this chat. It's a special place and most stitchers who get a " kick" out of this 'place', have brought their own special additions to it. Basically, it's a beach with palm trees and an ocean (like you see on the Corona beer commercials). I think I added the cabana-striped lounge chair to the imagery and the 50,000 square foot cross stitch store (about a 15- minute walk from the beach). Some of the other stitchers started adding to "the beach"; someone added the "walkie-talkies" that is with the cabana-striped chairs to call for drinks AND to place orders at the cross stitch store to be hand delivered WITHIN 10 minutes to the stitcher, no charges, no fees.
If it sounds crazy, it really isn't, as long as you don't live there all the time!
What color is your striped cabana chair? And what's your favorite alcoholic and/or non-alcoholic drink? :)
by: Bermuda on 06/11/17