Ocean wip


Hello, I thought I would share my wip of my Ocean mini that I bought on this site last month. I'm really enjoying it. I have had to frog a few stitches, but that hasn't deterred me. At this point, I'm almost done with the picture on the right, as the left has the word Ocean running down the side. I haven't been able to put it down because I am almost done with the picture on the right. LOL.


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Love it! I've a weakness for beach pictures! Love the colors! Great job! Are you going to frame it?
@Bermuda: Thanks! Yeah, I have a weakness for beach pictures too, especially ones with palm trees. My wish list will tell you that much LOL. Yes, I have quite a few smaller frames I got when I got married, and they've been laying around my house collecting dust, so some of these little cross stitch patterns will get put in those frames and then I can display them proudly. ^_^
Great job! I am relaxed just looking at it. I was thinking of buying this one and I think you have convinced me! Jacquie
@Jacquie: Thank you! I'm glad you were relaxed looking at it. ^_^ This one is really fun! A lot of tent stitches in it, so it goes really quick! Also it's only 5x7 inches too. I have another project I want to start, but I'm thinking about it, and I feel like I want to finish this one before I start the new one (HAED). I think it'll be pretty easy to finish. :D
veronichrome, I am fairly new to the stitching world. What are tent stitches? Jacquie
Hi Jacquie! Tent stitches are half stitches, but they secure the back of the fabric a bit more than half stitches. With Half Stitches, the back of the fabric has vertical stitches in it, but if you do it too much, then it can warp certain fabrics. With Tent Stitches, the back of the fabric has diagonal stitches in it, so it keeps the fabric from warping.
So how is the tent stitch done? Bermuda, this looks suspiciously like the place we retreat to, well, a small portion of it. Doesn't it?
Yes Texas, it does. I wonder if Veronichrome has been at the 'retreat' place, perhaps a little bit further down the beach from us. Think she would like to join us with a cabana-striped beach chair with a walkie -talkie of her own? Do I see an ice cold beverage on the small table next to her chair in her finished pattern?? How are things going for you? Have you had a few minutes in your hectic days to go to "the beach?" And what is a "tent" stitch??
@Texas Stitcher & @Bermuda: Tent stitch is a half stitch that is diagonal on the back as well as the front. It keeps the fabric from warping. It's not as big an issue with Aida, but some linens I've heard can warp if a lot of half stitches are used. So basically on the back of your fabric, the tent stitch would be like \\\\ whereas the half stitch is ||||. When you pull your stitches through and don't finish the cross, the fabric gets used to it and so then it starts getting warped (some fabrics). The tent stitch prevents that. But it's basically the same as a half stitch, the difference is where you put the needle when you come back up through the fabric. @Bermuda: I would love to join you at your retreat place if you'll have me. Yes, there are some alcoholic beverages on that table in the pattern. LOL. One is a martini and the other is a cocktail. It will be more obvious when I do the backstitching. Heehee.
Veronichrome- Thank you for providing instructions on the "tent" stitch; I'm trying to remember if this stitch is used when doing crewel work. I know I've heard of this stitch before but just can't place where. Sure you can join our " beach" retreat, anyone.can. It is all in the mind you understand. I would describe it as a form of a mental "relaxation technique" ; some people would call it 'daydreaming' others "meditation'. Believe it or not, Many years ago I took a college course that taught us how to relax through 'mental imagery'; each person created a mental image that was calming, soothing and relaxing to that specific person. I was taking the class to reduce my stress in facing final exams in college. That's how "the beach" came into existence on this chat. It's a special place and most stitchers who get a " kick" out of this 'place', have brought their own special additions to it. Basically, it's a beach with palm trees and an ocean (like you see on the Corona beer commercials). I think I added the cabana-striped lounge chair to the imagery and the 50,000 square foot cross stitch store (about a 15- minute walk from the beach). Some of the other stitchers started adding to "the beach"; someone added the "walkie-talkies" that is with the cabana-striped chairs to call for drinks AND to place orders at the cross stitch store to be hand delivered WITHIN 10 minutes to the stitcher, no charges, no fees. If it sounds crazy, it really isn't, as long as you don't live there all the time! What color is your striped cabana chair? And what's your favorite alcoholic and/or non-alcoholic drink? :)
@Bermuda: No problem. Happy my instructions were somewhat understandable. LOL. Sometimes it's hard to know whether the way I describe things is going to be helpful to people. Ooh, I like that idea, a "happy place" so to speak, in your mind. I have a happy place for sure, a few different ones depending on my mood, but the beach definitely gives me a soothing feeling the majority of the time. ♥ the 50,000 foot cross stitch store! Perfect. My cabana chair is hot pink and black. My favorite alcoholic drink is vodka mixed with anything really, LOL, and my favorite non-alcoholic drink is coffee. Also... wip update, I finished the tree this morning, starting on the back stitching after I post this.
Send us the finished project when you are done with the backstitching. But it is quite pretty even without. Good! Your canastriped lounge chair -with attached walkie-talkie- is on the beach waiting for you whenever you need it. I'm trying to remember who it was that added the good-looking guys that deliver your cross stitch order and/or drinks to your Beach chair.. Texas? VCESS? I was at "the beach" on my cabana-striped chair, enjoying a few minutes of respite last week; Thought I saw a few other cross stitchers walking down the beach in the distance. Breeze was light, was quiet except for the waves rolling in and the slight 'hissing' sound as the waves receding back into the ocean. The palm tree I'm under breaks up the sunlight, beautiful weather... :)
Thanks for asking, Bermuda. I stitched for a bit and got frustrated. I decided to "process" a drawer full of vegetables. You know - cut up broccoli, wash lettuce, oh and fruit as well. Then I browned meat for tacos. After about three hours of that I took a nap. SinL was given a smoker by his father and now he "smokes" almost every weekend. Brisket, pork butt, today it was chicken. It turns out really well. So the taco fixings went into the fridge. I'm going for new glasses tomorrow. I put if off as long as I could. You know the deal - refracting is stress inducing because I can never remember which looked better, then picking out frames, getting used to the new stuff. The excruciating pain of how much all this stuff costs........ They sell me these lenses that are scratch proof - yeah right. I'm working on 28 ct material and am having a tough time as of today. Weird. I had to put the rose aside and started on the "Enchanted Alphabet". For some reason, it's 28 ct Lugana they sent. I thought I had ordered 25. But that was almost a year ago. Who can remember??? So, no trip to the beach. My chair is white and aqua and my favorite beverages are coffee, water (Perrier cold but no ice), gin and tonic, red wine, and various other drinks too numerous to mention. I won't be stitching at the beach unless the temps are low and there is a slight breeze. I'm bringing my iPad so I can check the selection at the shop. And now to top it all off, I have to empty the dishwasher - again - and clean up the kitchen. DH has labs in the morning and then I have to rush back and keep our GD.
Texas, Check out my post to you under "another try" chat about the doll when you get a chance. :)
Veronichrome- Did you finish the backstitching? I'm curious, or is it nosy, as to what the completed beach picture looks like...
Okay, will do. I was going through my mail and have all these posts. I finally gave up. They are old and stitchers have moved on. I read them but don''t always have time to answer. I'm tyrping in the dark because I haven;t closed the blinds yet. Hope you can read it.
@Bermuda: No, I haven't finished the backstitching. LOL. I am starting to think I don't like backstitching that much. I will persevere though because I like this pattern and I want it to have the definition that the designer intended. But I'm working on my pattern I bought from Etsy around the same time I bought this one. It has no backstitching, and I think what it is, is that I like making the little 'x's in the fabric. The straight line of backstitching just isn't as fun I suppose? LOL. I just found this out recently about myself, so I'm thinking out loud. I still have the other side of the Ocean mini to do though, which is cross stitching, so I will work on it again, just not for a few days probably. I did a little bit of the backstitching on the tree. I also think I overthink it a lot, the backstitching on the chart looked like it was trying to be informal, sort of like the finished design is watercolor, so like, the trunk of the tree wouldn't have the backstitch directly outlining it, it's like, it would be sort of half on the trunk and half outlining it, I don't even know if you know what I'm saying LOL. But yeah, anyway, I'm overthinking the backstitch, like, I don't quite know where to put the backstitch in the little box on the fabric. I feel like once I get over that, and just outline the things in general, it will go faster and I will want to stitch on it again. I am determined though, this will NOT become a UFO. :) Oh, and don't worry, if I get progress on it, I will post another picture here for everyone to check out. *Calls over walkie for a handsome man to bring me some vodka/cranberries*
Did anybody mention this beach is stress-free zone...no aches, pains, disease, weaknesses, bills, anger, politics, or prejudices...You can fly, if you want. :) and free from any time constraints...whatever you wish for, for however long you wish it. :) Be free. :) it is yours. :)
I would love to go there right about now. Instead I am coloring with Sharpies! I hate the smell.
Your so right VCESS! I just finished painting a metal arbor with rustoleum. I don't know if I got more on me or the arbor. I'm heading for "the beach" a bit later today to relax; I'll be the one standing-where the water slides up the beach over my feet-as I'm looking out to sea. :) Texas- I'm with you! Hold your breath! LOL! My arms smelled like gasoline from removing the paint. If we're not Careful the fumes could send us to "the beach" whether we like it or not. Veronichrome, I understand what you're saying. Back stitching is not one of the more enjoyable aspects of stitching. I have a WIP that has that casual type of back stitching.in the pattern- a little here, a little there.
@VCESS: The vodka cranberries drink relieved all my stress with the backstitching. I finally stopped overthinking it, and it is now done. All that's left is the side that says Ocean, which will be really fun. @Texas Stitcher: No getting high off Sharpies for you? LOL. Just kidding. Just kidding. XD @Bermuda: Okay good I am glad I didn't confuse you, LOL, I was starting to confuse myself typing all that. Hahahaha. Okay, here is the updated picture. Backstitching is all done! *jumps up and down*
Love it! Right up our beach, so to speak....:) Now the framing, will you use matting?
Bermuda, why did you have to bring up framing? I just stopped off to pick up two pieces (VCESS, you know where) and had to leave one behind. Big gaps between the pieces in all four corners. They charged me a fortune, so I figured that I could demand perfect work. I dropped one piece off that they forgot to put under glass!!!!! So this will be my last experience. It's a long trip over there. V, you know what these streets look like. I can't afford front end alignments on our cars every time we make a trip there. We had to get the handicapped placard renewed today and due to construction had to do a turnaround at the beauty shop!!!!!!! :) DH's nephrologist is not too far from there so I decided to bite the bullet.
Texas, GO GET EM TIGER! YES, for what you pay for framing it needs to be right!!!
@Bermuda: I still have some stitching on the left side that I have to finish, but I can answer your question about framing anyway. I am not sure about matting yet, I think that it would be good to have something against the cross stitch so it doesn't touch the glass. There is about a 2 inch border around the picture, and that's just from the fabric itself, it was a kit, so it came premeasured. I have some 5x7 frames that I got for wedding gifts, and since the design says it's 5x7, that's why I'm not sure about matting. I don't think there will be any space for matting unless I use a bigger frame, which... sort of defeats the purpose of using up my frames I already have. LOL. So... further research will be necessary, but upon first glance of the measurements I already know of, I'm going to answer no to the matting.
Veronichrome, When you do frame it, if you notice that your completed pattern is right up against the glass, you may want to consider buying some "spacers" from a framing store or Michael's or Hobby Lobby if you are not using matting ( which acts as a spacer when it's used). Some stitchers Feel that it's ok if the cross stitching is up against the glass, but I'm not one of them. Also, look through the frames you have and see if you have a frame in which the glass fits in it, but that the INSIDE part of the frame itself has an area that is like a ledge all the way around where your finished project ( which is on mounting board) will rest against allowing a narrow space between the front of your project and the glass. Hope this helps! :)
love the stitching and it will nicer when you ouline I'd love to be there as i'm in upstate N.y.almost near L Ontario but we hate winter esp this past so do you wonder why like beaches our temp is climbing time for ac
Hahaha, Bermuda. I haven't heard from the framer, he was in the shop on Friday. That means that he was either upset or realized that the joints should meet. I haven't discussed spacers now that you mention it. I hope that they know enough about their craft to place those. The stretching they do is decent. Just a very limited selection on frames, mats, etc and no eye for aesthetics. I just finished cleaning my grill, what a job! With the heat index we are supposed to reach temps of 110!!!! That is insane, what will July and August be like? I feel depressed just thinking about it. I told GD yesterday that it was very hot out and she replied that's why she prefers to remain indoors. :( Summer is supposed to be outdoor time. I worked on my Enchanted Alphabet last night for a couple of hours. I love the colors. I'm not too fond of the 28 ct Lugana. Had I known, I would have ordered some sort of linen instead. Washing and pressing will work wonders. Well, I have to leave my little retreat here and change linens, fold towels and do more laundry.
Just ordered this kit; my daughter loves the beach; I will research this "tent stitch".. I understand the concept, but would like to see it. using "left to right" (up lower left, down upper right) where is the next "tent" going/ coming.. Hope you understand what I am trying to ask.. thanks. dbye468
dbye, threadneedlestreet.com provides excellent explanations of how the tent stitch is done. Good luck.
@dbye468: The next stitch just goes in the fabric so that the back is also diagonal. Texas Stitcher's recommendation is a good one to look at, it's probably easier to see rather than me trying to describe it through just words. YouTube also has some great visual explanations. I hope that you find what you're looking for. @Bermuda: I'll keep you posted on the framing stuff. Thanks for all the suggestions.