Looking for Dimensions Winter Geese
Hoping someone has this kit or chart to sell
Posted by: Aleida on 06/09/17
Have you tried eBay or amazon?
by: Nettie on 06/09/17
by: Aleida on 06/09/17
did you try etsy? I saw some nice dimensions crewel kits on there a week or so ago. I find a lot of vintage stuff there.
by: noah on 06/09/17
I'm not all that familiar with Etsy. I do see they have a PDF of the chart for sale. But a PDF of a Dimensions chart is not legitimate ...so that's a no-go. I continue to hope.
by: Aleida on 06/09/17
Oh well, it was worth a try. I hadn't seen this pattern. I shop there for vintage crewel kits a lot so I thought maybe.
by: noah on 06/09/17
by: Aleida on 06/11/17
by: VCESS on 06/11/17
TTT...to the top. So it doesn't get lost too early in my search
by: Aleida on 06/11/17
found just by typping winter geese 13732 They ask Kit or chart? Hope this helps
by: hobbies on 06/17/17