My arm! Oh's my needle hand!

Hi...someone here might remember me. I fell and broke the daylights out of my right wrist and arm. It looks shredded (doc says comminuted). I also knocked the end off another bone Cast was put on after surgery May1st. Haven't felt like myself yet. I feel like? I dunno. My hair is now about 70% grey, but was only about 50% grey before this mess. Thinking about replacing the hardwood floors with a thick foam. Can't stitch. Might do.some framing. I need to see ortho because the cast is ccutting ,my arm and it has become loose. I will be back sometime soon For the dog people on the chat, I got my dream dog and he lifts both ,my sprit and DH's.ii


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Oh My, Hope you start to feel better and your wrist is healing, . I have spent so much time lately stitching, I cant imagine hurting myself and not being able to do it. I know what you mean about your hair. I have to do hair every 6 weeks.
So sad about your accident- hope your arm heals quickly! I have to leave my stitching for 6 weeks while back in Canada ( don't have the proper lighting etc) and that is frustrating enough! Tell us more about your new dog!
Of course we remember you--I'm so sorry you are having problems with your arm. How awful for s stitcher! You are so helpful to the stitchers on this chat. Hope you heal quickly and yes, please tell us about your new dog.
Su, Tex has been asking about you! Knew something was squirrelly when you didn't talk about her rose! Hope your wrist heals without complications--fell on my my left wrist years ago--dislocated all the wrist bones, the thumb, and sheared off the end of the arm bones...the casts were horrendous and seemed to stay on forever! Keep your shoulder moving as much as possible!!!!! I was a dope, nobody mentioned it, and my shoulder froze--therapy for the shoulder was worse than the wrist! :) Keep in touch! Typing "other-handed" has got to be a trial, but we can decipher most stuff...lots of practice. :)
Su Pitt, so good to finally hear from you. Although the news are not so good. I hope that you are on the road to recovery and will soon be stitching away again. I have problems when I walk out of the garage, there is a tiny step before the driveway. I don't know if it's the readers or my depth perception but I hold on to the side of the garage door now. It's annoying when I have to make several trips. People probably think that I'm drunk all the time but I no longer care. Wish I still could have a few! LOL My DH is hopeless as far as the computer is concerned now but I often wish that I had trained him to respond to the posts!!!!!!! I gave DD instructions to notify my correspondents when I die. Will she do it? I can't say. My GD is very responsible and will hopefully be old enough to take care of things. On the other hand do we really want them so involved in our lives? I know I don't. Su feel better and VCESS is absolutely correct, we can figure it out!
Hi Sue Pitt! Of course we remember you! Wondering what happened to you, since you came on the "chat" fairly regularly. Don't worry about the grey, just throw some dye on it and call it a day!! Don't worry about accurate spelling, we'll figure it out! Good to see you back!!!! :)
Oh my, that sounds painful. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery. Happy that you got your dream dog, I've had mine for four years now, she makes me laugh every day.
Su Pitt I am so sorry to hear about your wrist and arm. Keep us posted. You are part of the group I find very helpful in this chat. Lookking forward to hearing about your recovery and that dream dog
OY VEY! SU -- I REALLY REALLY REALLY FEEL YOUR PAIN. Chemo Brain wasn't bad enough. I had already been having arthritis issues with my right thumb and palm. Sometimes the pain went all the way up to my elbow. Spent the last two weeks in real agony. No stitching. Little keyboarding. VERY BORED! Still feeling after effects of chemo. Thru with that but still having Herceptin infusions every three weeks. I had already given up driving because I was afraid of falling asleep and having an accident so I cant go anywhere. I hit a parked car a couple of months ago -- think I fell asleep for a split second. Fortunately, the owner of the car was very nice about. Told me the damage to her vehicle was minimal and not to contact my insurance company. Unfortunately I did over $2000 to my own car. accident so I couldn't go anywhere. SOME GOOD NEWS: My hair is starting to grow back. Most white. Too early to tell about texture -- right now it feels very soft and fluffy. Strange thing -- my eyelashes fell out about six weeks ago. Last week I noticed I don't have eyebrows. HAVE A STITCHING DAY
You can have any kind of eyebrows you want! Audrey Hepburn, Lauren Bacall (my fave), even Yosemite Sam! LOL Take heart, Girl. I know its tough, but NOBODY cares about eyebrows! Show that beautiful soul of yours and you'll outshine the population! :)
I hope you start to feel better soon. What kind of dog did you get, how old? Enjoy your doggie, they are the best and love us so much. Sue
I used a Crayola washable marker and Practiced eyebrows. Not bad for someone who never learned to color inside the lines. Maybe I will pick up a real eyebrow pencil IF I get someplace that sells them.
Cool!!! Your eyebrows could match your nail polish! Girl at the lab had bright aqua nails...that was....distracting. :)
Nancye, what are you saying? You don't have to leave the comfort of your home to shop for anything. Try Amazon or various department stores. I'm lousy with a pencil and have been using powder and brush on my eyebrows for years now. Laura Mercier sells a great product in different shades. They come as a duo, so you can choose between lighter or darker or mix the colors. You have to order the brush separately. I order whatever I can. The other day I received an order containing plant food, eye drops and a CD. :)
So true, VCESS, but in the event that she does want eyebrows - they make templates. You can buy them at the drug store. I can't remember how many come in a package. Then you use the powder and brush as I have described in another post and you are good to go. DD used to do my brows until GD came along. GD has to have both iPads fully charged. Yesterday evening she stopped off briefly and found my iPad at 100%. She told me that I was such a good girl, the best girl in the world and rubbed my head. Had she asked, I would have turned over every bank card I have. LOL
Oh Sue you poor little I kid. Foam floors sound like a possibility ! What I think is that when you can you should get a hold of a good Physiotherapist that specialises in hand therapy when the time for that comes. The sooner the better. I know how darn maddening, frustrating and a million other things it is not being able to use your hand. I had an illness 2 years ago that left me without muscles.....think new born baby stage....After we killed the illness it took me 6 months to start getting my hands, legs, etc back. If you have an iPad you will find dictating emails etc to Siri very helpful right now. I hope you aren't in too much pain as it sounds like a nasty break. See if you can get to your hair dresser orfind one that can come to you. Having a cut and whatever is sooo good for your spirit......been there...... Can you get somebody to get you one of these adult colouring books, preferably in a topic that interests you, and some colouring pencils? Make yourself colour a bit with your good hand every day. Start out with 5 min. You'll need to build up control with that hand for a while. (Make up, nail polish etc) maybe. I can give you a lot of tips when you get to the rehab phase if you want them. My motto during this time was: Positivity Patience Persistence. In the meantime may I wish you a speedy recovery.. Mary
Good motto for every minute of every day! :) Hope your recovery is going well, Su...try to move your shoulders fully, often :)