Don't you just hate .....

When the directions on a box says, "To open, press with thumb" to open it (such as the macaroni and cheese box) and it doesn't work!


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What about the expiration date line and there's nothing there? How about the mustard bottle that you can never empty? Or the new plastic paint cans that are supposed to "twist off" --if you have gorilla hands you can do it.... Bermuda, I could go on forever....
Just HAPPENED! I beat the heck out of that silly box with the handle end of a spatula (not having a grenade handy)...the box disintegrated EXCEPT for that thumb-shaped "spot".
Or it says tear across the line ........and it doesn't!!
that why u have knives in the kitchen. I enjoy stabbing the show it who's boss lol
when you pull the 'pull tab' on a can of soda and the tab comes off without opening the can...
Your shopping and the packaging on the box of brownie mix says, "15% less fat". ......15% less fat than WHAT??
When you are unable to tear open the small plastic packets of soy sauce and hot mustard they dump in your Chinese take-out order....
When you get caught with your "secret stash" of pistachio nuts because the red shells stained your fingers......
And why aren't potato chips packed like pickles all the way to the top!!! Jacquie
My wife works retail (walmart) security/customers are always finding "open packages with contents gone--what's there secret to get those#%@ packages open so quick? I have the use of my right hand only--a challenge to get things open with out loosing my temper or a finger!!!!! So I stitch to relax and remain claim!!!!
dave I work at Walmart too. I sure your wife tells you stories that would curl you hair. our thing is empty deli containers and least 3 to 4 a day I find. we had 1 last year well they were going in the restrooms and eating package after package of hotdogs yuck.
The ones I hate the most are the lunch meat packages. First they don't open all the way when you pull on the piece of plastic to open up the top and then they are vacuum sealed on top of it so you have to get the blow torch out just to get it open. (exaggeration but you guys get the meaning) If groceries weren't so expensive I would have thrown the whole dang package away. By the time I got the thing open I was so mad I didn't even want the sandwich anymore, good diet plan I The really frustrating ones for me are the medication bottles that say child proof. A child can open them an adult can' Bermuda I know what you mean about those little packages of sauce. How about when you do open them but you had to hold the dang thing so hard that when the package finally does give it comes squirting out all over the place.
What I can't stand are the cheap plastic bags for fresh fruit and produce. They have an arrow on the top and the words "open here". TRY TO OPEN THEM!! Because they are so thin it's almost impossible....actually impossible for me!! The other thing hard to open, the individual cheese sticks! A person could starve before getting one of those open!
LOL! I really hate those plastic fruit/veggie bags! What is scarey about the prepackaged meats ie. Bologna, ham our two Golden Retreivers would NOT eat them, wouldn't even touch them.; they'd sniff it and then turn and walk away! Now what does THAT mean?!! When you have to use TNT to loosen the lid on a glass container of a Vlasic dill pickles jar..... When you have to look thru the little clear plastic window on 8 packages of bacon to find one that shows there is a little meat on the slices...
Nettie- I even tried using my teeth to open those little soy sauce and hot mustard packets without success; I agree the pressure per square inch needed just to hold a packet just to open it is incredible and when I am successful then the stuff comes squirting out the speed of light and ends up on DH's shirt, the countertop.... or worse yet, the pressure opens the opposite end I'm working on and I catch it full force. ladyj117- Good point! All the "chip" snack bags seem half full.
Soooo, I was laughing while I read this, then went to open a fresh box of crackers, I pulled the tab to open the box, and all I got was the tab. I think they glued the box with Super Glue. For what it's worth, my last job, I worked with packaging engineers. If you think the packages are annoying , try working with the people who design them.
I have nothing to add. You covered the entire topic. Oh no, I just remembered two items that are so difficult to open that I want to hurl the entire thing into the trash - the multi packs of Sonic Care toothbrushes and the razor blades (Costco). It's ridiculous. I usually have to open one when I am already stressed for time. Then it's to the kitchen for the scissors and back to the bathroom that's like 1/2 mile. It's not Fort Knox, for goodness sake. It's lousy toothbrushes and razor blades. Tell me, please, do the designers of packaging do this on purpose to frustrate the customer?
Toothbrush packaging always seems to give me a paper cut. It's the dotted lines where you pull to open the package, and then when you reach in to get the toothbrush the packaging attacks you. The first time you open a ketchup bottle and you have to pull the little plastic off the top, but it gives you a tab that is so small, who has fingers that small that they could possibly grab onto the tab AND use force at the same time to open the bottle? This is when the knife comes out and I just stab the plastic covering and peel it open from the middle outwards because that thing is just ridiculous. The canned soup with the pull tab that sometimes will open the can halfway but then the metal bends in half and then I can't get the rest of the lid off. LOL.
LOL!!! This is so funny!! jaj. Where do they find people like that? Fought with those teeny tabs on the seal of the new Bayer baby aspirin bottle last week.....finally took the steak knife to it.
You all just crack me up. I can relate to all of it, even working at Walmart, and now a customer. I get so tired of finding empty packaging, or things people decided that they didn't want and were too lazy to put back. Yah!!!! Cardinals just hit a homer. Sorry, watching an afternoon game of a double header.
Thank you all for giving me the best laugh of the day. I can relate to all of it and have just one to add, although Veronichrome came close with her Ketchup bottle. How about the the cover on bottles of coffee creamer that have such teeny tabs and won't come off unless you're willing to sacrifice your fingernails? I keep a needle-nose pliers in my desk drawer for pulling them off. Hubby stood here and laughed with me and related to the tab on the pop can that came off without opening the can. Obviously, there's nothing that works perfectly for all of us. Good thing we can laugh about it.
Finding.... (play eerie music)...cobwebs in an UNOPENED box of a Jiffy Mix cupcake mix that you bought from the grocery store 3 weeks ago....
Ah isn't great when we can laugh amidst the frustration of common day things that frustrate us?? Here's another one although slightly different. I work in our local supermarket and it really annoys me when customers insist they have a bag for one loaf of bread or bottle of milk when they are going out to their car!! They cannot even carry it out to the car without it being in a bag - and we are trying to cut down in the use of plastic!!
Bermuda, that is too gross. Something similar happened to me many years ago. I threw a little crushed red pepper into the pot and noticed that I also added a healthy amount of weevils. I didn't even know that there was such a thing. Needless to say the food and our appetites were ruined. Now I always check the jar. It's what happens when stock does not get rotated. Okay, this is it or I'll go on and on.
djh, did you say that you are a former Wal-Mart employee? I've often wondered if you actually see people that look like the ones floating around in email jokes? LOL
Tex, I am convinced you would see them all! :) Wal-Mart parking lot is just the beginning of "THE American Story"! :)
Me, I love the instuction on the dotted line of a urinary catheter kit which reads, "Snap smartly to open" My BFF in Nursing School asked, "What if we could snap stupidly?" My response was "I can't open these no matter how I do it."
Deirdre, when my daughter lived in Dublin, CA the city banned plastic bags. You either had to bring your own or if you truly wanted a bag it cost you 10 cents per bag. They voted to do that in Corpus Christi, TX and the city council voted it down. I truly wish they would band those bags! About 15 years ago I bought the re-usable bags when they were only 89 cents each. It was the best $8.90 I ever invested for 10 bags. Believe it or not they have held up so well I still have about 6 or 7 of them. I sent some things home with my kids and the was the last I saw of the 3 or 4 I no longer have. But they are the best things ever invented!
I have this same problem as you people because handicapped so with said my aide does for me.
I have this same problem as you people because handicapped so with said my aide does for me.
Texas, yes it is amazing what you see at Wal-Mart in the middle of the night, what people wear and what they do when they think no one is looking. I must confess that when I was working at the casino at night, on my weekend, I would keep my same hours. So I would not go to bed until 5 or 6 AM. While knitting a baby blanket one night, I ran out of yarn. We lived across the road from Wal-Mart, so I went shopping in my pj's. It took me no time to find the yarn I needed, and I was out of there. I was hoping I wouldn't see anyone that I knew. Got home and finished the baby blanket in no time at all.
Almost had to use my car keys to get into a Hershey Almond Bar! I miss the old paper wrappings. They tore right off! Jacquie
Watching DH rubbing his index finger over both sides of the clear soft plastic 'singly-wrapped' American cheese slices trying to find the extra plastic extension to open it. :)
trying to peel down the dotted line on a bottle of gold peaks tea cant be done. I now carry my late uncle pocket knife that works . and I'm armed now for those late night stroll to my car in the parking lot. stab first ask question later
Just tried to open an individualy wrapped salted caramel, package opened, candy went flying. There is no such thing as a 5 second rule, when you have a one second dog.
The caps on Listerine bottles!!!!! How annoying. I don't wear my glasses in the bathroom and have to fumble around to find the two spots to squeeze so I can open the bottle. I get so angry because I usually have the worst problems when I'm under time pressure already. I love the product, not the packaging. jai, I have severe allergies but have often contemplated getting a dog. It would eat whatever I drop. No more bending and always a clean looking floor! :) Bermuda, I feel your DH's pain. I no longer buy individually wrapped slices. I buy from the deli which brings me to the next irritant - when they "forget" to place paper between the slices and I have a big clump and have to place chunks of cheese instead of slices on the sandwiches.