Don't you just hate .....
When the directions on a box says, "To open, press with thumb" to open it (such as the macaroni and cheese box) and it doesn't work!
Posted by: Bermuda on 06/11/17
What about the expiration date line and there's nothing there?
How about the mustard bottle that you can never empty?
Or the new plastic paint cans that are supposed to "twist off" --if you have gorilla hands you can do it....
Bermuda, I could go on forever....
by: maubennett on 06/11/17
Just HAPPENED! I beat the heck out of that silly box with the handle end of a spatula (not having a grenade handy)...the box disintegrated EXCEPT for that thumb-shaped "spot".
by: VCESS on 06/11/17
Or it says tear across the line ........and it doesn't!!
by: deirdre on 06/11/17
that why u have knives in the kitchen. I enjoy stabbing the show it who's boss lol
by: susieq on 06/11/17
when you pull the 'pull tab' on a can of soda and the tab comes off without opening the can...

by: Bermuda on 06/11/17
Your shopping and the packaging on the box of brownie mix says, "15% less fat".
......15% less fat than WHAT??
by: Bermuda on 06/11/17
When you are unable to tear open the small plastic packets of soy sauce and hot mustard they dump in your Chinese take-out order....
by: Bermuda on 06/11/17
When you get caught with your "secret stash" of pistachio nuts because the red shells stained your fingers......
by: Bermuda on 06/11/17
And why aren't potato chips packed like pickles all the way to the top!!!
by: ladyj117 on 06/12/17
My wife works retail (walmart) security/customers are always finding "open packages with contents gone--what's there secret to get those#%@ packages open so quick? I have the use of my right hand only--a challenge to get things open with out loosing my temper or a finger!!!!! So I stitch to relax and remain claim!!!!
by: dave001 on 06/12/17