Mary Lee
I checked a few minutes ago and it looks like Mary Lee is heading out into the deep Atlantic, away from the eastern coast....wonder what's going on...
Posted by: Bermuda on 06/13/17
Maybe she is following a male? Or to give birth? 18 mos of pregnancy!!!!!! Glad I only had to do 9 at a time. :) Well, at least she doesn't have the issues of what to wear. I got so sick of the same outfits over and over, back then people wore those loose fitting garments. Now the choices are greater.
by: Texas Stitcher on 06/13/17
Bermuda, I just saw your post! A reporter for the Atlantic City Press is now following Merry Lee pretty closely. This past week they had, yet again, another article about her! I had no clue.....she now has (drum roll please......) 117,000 followers on Twitter!! Chris Fischer is just beside himself with joy!! Anyway, I checked what this guy reported....six hours ago which would be about 10:00 this morning, she was off the coast of Long Beach Island which is North of Atlantic City. I do remember reading that if the water temperatures get too warm near the shore she will sometimes head out to sea. We had several hot days a few days ago, so I suspect that might be what happened. Or, like Texas said, maybe she is just looking for something different to wear!!! LOL
by: jerseycrafter on 06/17/17