Why I take photos of patterns


This is the handiwork of Gracie, the nine pound cat. Pound for pound, she is a bigger stinker than the eighty five pound dog.


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Well, that should have said, Why I make copies. I think I was half asleep...
Isn't it lucky you can edit EVERYTHING?
Well, taking a photo would work as well, too. Haha! Plus, with the phone cameras, you can enlarge an area that you are working on to see it better. And, after your project is done, you can delete it if you wish. (I haven't tried it, but thought you were onto something there, and this is what I've come up with). Give a scratch behind the ear to Gracie for me.
It's nice to have a choice to edit, or not. I chose to point out my error. I'm funny that way.
This cat would be wearing a muzzle henceforth if she were mine or I'd give her up for adoption! LOL
I've burned up two paper shredders, I'd give her the job, but like the dog pruning the shrubbery, and digging holes, their work tends to be random.
lol I lost several patterns to my late teddy bear (all 20lbs of him) if I had a pattern sticking out of anything he would leave holes in it. he liked chewing up leather purses too. I still have teeth prints in my wallet. but I miss him every day
Susieq, what we do for love!
Oh I laughed when I first saw this. Yes truly the things we do and put up with for love
Don't you hate it when you can't rely on your animals to do a decent job. We might as well hire humans. LOL Yes, the things we do for love. In my case my little GD. I do her bidding no matter how badly I feel.
Obviously your paper tastes yummy!! Perhaps we should all try it and see why Gracie likes it so much!! Either that or she is demanding more attention on her and less stitching.