Magazine Suggestions
Good Morning fellow cross stitchers! I was reading some of my back issues of Cross Country Stitching and am so sad they are no longer published. I was browsing online other cross stitching magazines and was wondering if any of you subscribe to a magazine and which ones you would recommend. I am leaning toward Just Cross Stitch.
Posted by: ladyj117 on 06/15/17
If you sign up at they will send you a free Just Cross Stitch magazine to see if you like it before you subscribe. They just sent me an e-mail for one the other day. I have never taken them up on it because I am not really a magazine person. I am more or an impulse buyer, as in going to Hobby Lobby with no intention of buying anything then seeing a cute cross stitch and just have to have it right If you do try it let me know what you think maybe I may become a magazine person.
by: Nettie on 06/15/17
Thanks, Nettie. I will do that! I always see something I like in the magazine and then have to buy it (the magazine). Sometimes it winds up being the only pattern I like in the issue but love thumbing through them anyway!
by: ladyj117 on 06/15/17
Hi ladyj
I have been a subscriber of Stoney Creek magazine for MANY years. Love their patterns and projects. I don't know if it available anymore in any stores/bookstores but you can order it very easily on their website. About 24 years ago when I was first learning cross stitch I bought 3 magazines at Barnes & Noble that are published in Great Britain. They are a bit pricey but I enjoyed for many years. Now I just get SC. Have a great w/end.
by: clpatt123 on 06/15/17
I have been a subscriber of Just Cross stitch for several years, have been very satisfied with it--great patterns, interesting, informative articles. Many of the "patterns" are on my to do list/statch--that keeps growing!!!!! Annie's attic good place too, that's how I got my first copy.
by: dave001 on 06/15/17
I still receive Stoney creek magazine, they only publish 3 times a year, still good magazine in my opinion.
by: dave001 on 06/15/17
I no longer subscribe to and very rarely buy a magazine. It takes me five minutes to look at and then it's in the trash or sitting taking up space. I subscribed to Just Cross Stitch for a couple of years but rarely saw anything worth stitching. I lived near shops and would buy patterns there instead. Patterns date like everything else and I find that things that looked good to me 10 years ago now no longer do. I threw out so much stuff when I moved here that I decided not to do add to my stash. Of course I have the occasional lapse.
by: Texas Stitcher on 06/17/17
If you like to cook, I would suggest Taste of Home. Great recipes that never go out of style...just as good or better than a gourmet restaurant!
by: Cory on 06/18/17
I subscribed to several British cross stitch magazines for several years and loved them. My favorite is Cross Stitch Gold. It's a bit pricey ($12.99 at Barnes & Noble) but all the charts are in full color and give the floss colors for the projects in DMC, Anchor and Madeira flosses.The projects range in skill level from beginner to intermediate. I am sad they don't publish Cross Country Stitching anymore also.
by: jennibear1950 on 06/18/17
I also receive Cross Stitch Gold. Their initial price is a little high but their renewal prices are a really good deal. I really like the magazine but find that I'm like a couple of other stitchers here -- I just look at it and then put it away forever (I actually have some cross-stitch magazines from the 80's and 90's - in a box). If you like really nice projects that you might actually want to do, I would recommend getting a short subscription to 1 or 2 magazines and see if you're tempted to stitch a project or two. If you do subscribe but don't do any of the projects, you can always cancel the subscription.
by: quilterangel123 on 06/18/17
There is always the library...they have lots of choices to peruse at you're leisure and usually have a year or two of different magazines to check out. Handy for those "serialized" pieces...Just Cross Stitch does this a lot and BH&G and McCalls used to have some lovely holiday collections...probably still do. Like Texas Stitcher, I have mostly dismissed magazines...for some reason, I have become really jealous of the space they take up...and sorting through and saving whatever appeals today is is still an issue.

I find that I am charmed by the digital issues...they offer the same eye candy, no storage issues...Just Cross Stitch is very accessible and usable. I like. :)
by: VCESS on 06/18/17