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Good Morning fellow cross stitchers! I was reading some of my back issues of Cross Country Stitching and am so sad they are no longer published. I was browsing online other cross stitching magazines and was wondering if any of you subscribe to a magazine and which ones you would recommend. I am leaning toward Just Cross Stitch. Jacquie


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Ladyj, If you sign up at they will send you a free Just Cross Stitch magazine to see if you like it before you subscribe. They just sent me an e-mail for one the other day. I have never taken them up on it because I am not really a magazine person. I am more or an impulse buyer, as in going to Hobby Lobby with no intention of buying anything then seeing a cute cross stitch and just have to have it right If you do try it let me know what you think maybe I may become a magazine person.
Thanks, Nettie. I will do that! I always see something I like in the magazine and then have to buy it (the magazine). Sometimes it winds up being the only pattern I like in the issue but love thumbing through them anyway! Jacquie
Hi ladyj I have been a subscriber of Stoney Creek magazine for MANY years. Love their patterns and projects. I don't know if it available anymore in any stores/bookstores but you can order it very easily on their website. About 24 years ago when I was first learning cross stitch I bought 3 magazines at Barnes & Noble that are published in Great Britain. They are a bit pricey but I enjoyed for many years. Now I just get SC. Have a great w/end. cheryl
I have been a subscriber of Just Cross stitch for several years, have been very satisfied with it--great patterns, interesting, informative articles. Many of the "patterns" are on my to do list/statch--that keeps growing!!!!! Annie's attic good place too, that's how I got my first copy.
I still receive Stoney creek magazine, they only publish 3 times a year, still good magazine in my opinion.
I no longer subscribe to and very rarely buy a magazine. It takes me five minutes to look at and then it's in the trash or sitting taking up space. I subscribed to Just Cross Stitch for a couple of years but rarely saw anything worth stitching. I lived near shops and would buy patterns there instead. Patterns date like everything else and I find that things that looked good to me 10 years ago now no longer do. I threw out so much stuff when I moved here that I decided not to do add to my stash. Of course I have the occasional lapse.
If you like to cook, I would suggest Taste of Home. Great recipes that never go out of style...just as good or better than a gourmet restaurant!
I subscribed to several British cross stitch magazines for several years and loved them. My favorite is Cross Stitch Gold. It's a bit pricey ($12.99 at Barnes & Noble) but all the charts are in full color and give the floss colors for the projects in DMC, Anchor and Madeira flosses.The projects range in skill level from beginner to intermediate. I am sad they don't publish Cross Country Stitching anymore also.
I also receive Cross Stitch Gold. Their initial price is a little high but their renewal prices are a really good deal. I really like the magazine but find that I'm like a couple of other stitchers here -- I just look at it and then put it away forever (I actually have some cross-stitch magazines from the 80's and 90's - in a box). If you like really nice projects that you might actually want to do, I would recommend getting a short subscription to 1 or 2 magazines and see if you're tempted to stitch a project or two. If you do subscribe but don't do any of the projects, you can always cancel the subscription.
There is always the library...they have lots of choices to peruse at you're leisure and usually have a year or two of different magazines to check out. Handy for those "serialized" pieces...Just Cross Stitch does this a lot and BH&G and McCalls used to have some lovely holiday collections...probably still do. Like Texas Stitcher, I have mostly dismissed magazines...for some reason, I have become really jealous of the space they take up...and sorting through and saving whatever appeals today is is still an issue. I find that I am charmed by the digital issues...they offer the same eye candy, no storage issues...Just Cross Stitch is very accessible and usable. I like. :)
I have received many subscriptions to several different magazines over the years and agree with the others here that as you collect your issues year to year, you will find that they eat up quite their share of storage space unless you go with the digital option like Vcess suggested. I would cut and remove some of my favorite patterns to lighten my storage load, but agree with TX Stitcher that my taste in designs seem to change and I'll always wonder what else was in that issue I discarded. If you are an aida stitcher and are not one who likes to stitch on linen, the Just Cross Stitch Magazine designs often have many patterns that have a good number of 1/4 stitches. To stitch 1/4 stitches on aida, you need to break your aida box with the needle. If this is something you dislike doing or find tedious, you may consider one of the other magazines mentioned by the other posters. I have also noticed that some magazine patterns call for over 1 thread sections of stitching (like for an angel's face only, for example, to give it more detail) in a portion of an over 2 threads design, designs like this will not work on aida, so you will lose stitching that item if you don't stitch on linen or if you don't like the challenge of stitching sections over 1 thread. If you have a local Barnes and Noble Bookstore, they carry many of the US and British cross stitch magazines so you can try out a few before you commit to subscribing.
Lbcatlovr! Where the heck have you been? :) Good to hear from you! Don't forget about chenille needles...they have a tapestry needle eye, are sized the same as tapestry needles, but have a sharp point. Make 1/4 stitches on aida easy. :) Recently worked on a few small flower of them surprised me with masses of 1/4 stitches! I just kept one chenille needle on a needleminder for when I saw them coming...I'm dangerous with sharps...cats are warned to keep their distance. :)
Thanks for all the great suggestions. I to dismantle the magazines clipping out my favorite patterns nd throwing away the rest of the magazine that way I can file them and not have excess paper laying around! I like the library idea too for back issues and series patterns! Jacquie
For Vcess: I have been absent from here for a while but it sure is nice to be remembered, thanks! I didn't know if anyone would remember me. I notice that many of the people I knew here in the past I don't see here now except for you, Texas, and Bermuda. I hope you are all staying healthy and doing well. I have been having my ups and downs with some health issues, neuropathy, so stitching has been on the back burner due to sore hands and fingers. I have been more often turning pages of books instead to try to get my mind off of the daily unexplained discomfort. Lots of doctor appointments, tests, labs, and no answers (I know I'm not alone with this scenario). I ordered some things here from Everything recently, went to check the order status, and that is when I checked in here to see what was going on. The things I ordered were for motivation to start stitching again. I will grin and bear the discomfort and try to stay focused because I certainly miss the creative energy that cross stitch provides. I don't know about other people, but I find I struggle with and need my focus to cross stitch and that is why I put it down for much of this time because I lacked the concentration. Wish me luck!
lbcat, nice to hear from you. Most of us experience what you describe, so when things get bad, remember that you are in good company. I live with daily pain from a shingles outbreak several years ago. I'm not much for painkillers and have become so accustomed to the discomfort that I really only notice it in the morning. I've also noticed that it takes me much longer to accomplish various tasks and I have to take frequent breaks. Try to pace yourself with your stitching. I know that's hard to do once we are in the mood but it does help with the pain. Many of the regular contributors are still around, just not as frequently. Hang in there. I'm thinking of you. ladyj, I dismantled mags too, many years ago. Mostly recipes from German magazines. I never organized them and finally tossed all that junk out when we moved. I have to go through my cookbooks again and get rid of at least 30. Now, I go on-line when I need a recipe. It was fun when I still went to the bookstore to sit and look through books and magazines. Those days are gone too. I now read ebooks and save half the rain forest and those cookbooks...... out of 500 recipes I tried maybe one. But if you enjoy it, then by all means hold on to your patterns.
My favorite magazine was Cross Stitch and Country Crafts. It was great but they don't publish anymore. That was where I got my large Amid Amish Life pattern that I stitched many years ago. I have a three ring binder that I have put many patterns that I have gotten over the years out of magazines. The mags that are out now are all right but not as good as the ones published years ago.
That's why I gave up magazines, syagel. It's pages and pages of ads. I can read a mag in 5 minutes and then throw almost $5 into the trash. Better Homes and Gardens published annual craft magazines that I enjoyed but I no longer see them. Only cooking and gardening and I am sick of those. They never feature gardening tips for climates such as ours here. Only lush East Coast gardens. Many yeas ago I watched something with Suze Orman and she said that whatever you throw away, i.e., magazines, food, etc you should picture as dollar bills instead. Good advice, it more or less stuck with me.
I love the Suzie Ormon advice, Texas Stitcher! makes you stop and think about what you buy and why you are buying it. I think it is advice I am going to tell my kids t dinner tonight! Hopefully, it will stick with them and me for years to come! Jacquie
ladyj, I have my lapses! But it has a profound effect on my when I have to throw something out that was expensive and I picture it as a ten dollar bill going into the trash instead of a magazine or cut of meat. I had to throw out two filet steaks the other day and wanted to cry. They were in the back of the fridge, life got in the way and I forgot. That is plain wasteful. Oh, during the show, she also said to treat your money with respect and to not just stuff it into a coin purse. You're supposed to sort of bundle it, ones, fives, etc. Can't remember the reason. I saw this episode 20 years ago in Japan. I watch little TV usually but was glad that I got to see it.