HAED - Linen - 2 over 1
I purchased about 8 patterns from HAED (what was I thinking). They are beautiful, but look a bit challenging. The instructions call for linen 25 (which I have purchased) with a 2 over 1. I think that means 2 threads over 1 (not sure what to call the 1). I assume these will be very small cross stitches on the linen. I have seen many youtube videos illustrating 2 over 2 on linen, but I have never seen a 2 over 1 on linen video. Please help. It's been 30 plus years since my last cross stitch project. I hope I have explained my dilemma clearly.
Posted by: Bella Ho on 06/18/17
Yes 2 over 1 means two threads over one - however, a lot of stitchers find 2 over 1 too bulky when working in confetti heavy areas so prefer 1 over 1. Also HAEDs lend themselves to any count so don't feel constrained to 25 count. There are people working HAED patterns from 11 count Aida to 22 count Hardanger with outstanding results. Check out their Facebook page for tons of examples.
by: t0adp00p on 06/18/17
Thanks so much.
by: Bella Ho on 06/19/17