Design Works Home Sweet Home and Welcome Friends

Has anyone done cross stitching on black Adia? I am looking to stitch either Home Sweet Home or Welcome Friends or both from Design Works. I am a little nervous because I have never stitched on anything other than white or antique white. Are the holes difficult to see? Probably will give it a try anyway but any tips are welcome. Happy Stitching Jacquie


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If you are using a hoop, put a white or light colored towel on your lap, it makes the holes easier to see.
Thanks, DJHmom55. That sounds like a great idea that I will definitely try! Jacquie
It is more difficult and I don't do it anymore but dj's advise is right.
I have stitched on black aida recently. I happened to have a used makeup mirror and I turned that on and held it on my lap while I stitched. It really helped to have the holes lit up.
I have a "light box" used by stained glass designers, to light up my lap, but now are made with a lighter frame and a non-heating bulb. These are also used by tattooists.They would undoubtedly help forgers! It is simply a flat box about the size of a large bread board. The top lights so you can trace, but in the case of black fabric, it's a joy for stitchers...
I have completed several "black" aidia projects, and have used all the posted hints,, especially light/white material on my lap--cat's didn't like that!!! Best hint--good lighting top or bottom or both. It's is/was some what challenginf but, loved the results. Just take your time--this ain't a race and find which hint's yours or listed work best for you. Good luck, and if possible let us know the results.
Well, my parents have decided to take the house off the market so, I am not sure they will be moving. Originally, I was going to do it for their new house as a little housewarming gift. I guess I could still do the piece for them. I am sure they would love it and hang it in their house.! My mom's always crocheting blankets for people! Or maybe I will do it for my own house or both! Thanks for all the helpful tips that I will be sure to use if I take on this project. I actually might try the Welcome Moose one since they live in the Pocono Mtns. Might even try changing moose to deer like Bob in SC did. Jacquie
Stitching on black Aida is challenging but using all the tips from the others you should be fine. Black Aida patterns are my absolute favourite. I did a black lab staring out a window (Dimensions I think) and it's my fav!
Here is one for you, ladyj, abandon the idea and stick with light colored fabrics. I just don't think it's worth the hassle. I finally went for new glasses today and picked out all the frames but can't get an appointment for the exam for another 8 days. I'm having difficulty with white floss on light material, instead of making a mess, I'll just wait.
I have stitched on black aida regularly at night which is when I always work on my cross stitch without any trouble despite being near sighted. I do have a very good, strong three bulb light with the highest lumens (brightness) I could find behind me and would not consider a count smaller than 14 count. Like Texas, I have had terrible trouble seeing well enough to stitch white on white or a slighter than white shade on white aida. For me, excellent lighting is the key but there are a lot of great ideas here to make stitching on black easier. You can always try a small black aida project first to see how it goes.
Hi Tex, I too have problems with white floss on light material and my embroidery glasses are fine. I wonder if a dark piece of cloth under your fabric would help! Hmmmmm.🤔
I bought black adia thinking it would be nice to use on a picture that had a lot of dark parts. I did about 25 stitches and decided my eyes would be very tired. Knew I wouldn't enjoy the project, and after all that's why I stitch. So switched back to ecru and was completely satisfied with the finished picture.
Aaaah Carol, you're a woman after my own heart. I so agree that stitching is to be enjoyed and the moment it isn't (unless it's a very small project) out with it! Your bag with your project should be singing 🎶 to you....come and get me, not the opposite.
Great idea, Mary, I'll try your suggestion today. I also agree with all the stitchers that say phooey to complicated projects. Or projects that are complicated for us to work is a better way of putting it. We have enough challenges coming our way without creating more. I received a gift many years ago stitched on black Aida - a bouquet of flowers. Although she did great work, I can't say that I was impressed. The "friendship" ended and "it" ended up in the charitable giving bin. It all depends on the motif in my humble opinion. DH's procedure is tentatively set for 25 July, lots of planning involved on their part, 3 specialists, etc involved. My nerves are raw, as are my kids'. They need to know to be able to take leave. There is a hotel located in the hospital, so that is a huge help - if I can get a room. Dallas driving is not for the faint of heart, for sure not for an old lady. Oh, his new valve is already waiting for him. My poor husband. As we age, we become like old cars, parts get changed out. I might just have to go through my stash and find something simple to stitch until I get my new glasses and this thing with DH is resolved. I have to order lots of books to my Kindle. The hospital stay might extend up to 5 days. ......... He likes for family members to sit by his side. Aside from a total recovery, I only wish for a hospital room with a view. Rooms without windows are so depressing. I've never met nicer, more helpful and compassionate medical professionals in my life. I absolutely have to go grocery shopping today but it's so hot out and I goofed around too long already. I always wait too long and end up having to haul several hundred dollars worth of stuff in - not that we get much for out money these days but it still ends up being at least 10 trips to the car. Maybe I'll try to back the car into the garage, I'm lousy at that. With my luck I'll back it right through a couple of rooms into the kitchen. LOL
Good idea 💡 Tex about backing the car into the kitchen.....why didn't you think of that before!
WOW!!! Tex, what a GREAT design idea! I would buy that house!!! :)
Well, I went shopping, it was ugly. I only bought about 2/3 of what I wanted and needed. DD sat out front when we got back and I all but broke into tears. She helped bring in the groceries. I picked up a beautiful orchid and don't know what happened to it. It's probably still sitting at the register. The good part is that I did not have to back into the kitchen! My old house had a great floor plan - the pantry was right off the garage. I'm still thinking that a woman designed the floor plan. Unfortunately, we needed a water softener there and I had to heft 50 pound bags of salt to dump into the thing. That was seven years ago and I was in much better shape. :) DH has to go for labs today. The lab was relocated into a grocery store - very nice facility. I'm afraid that I might just pick up what I didn't yesterday......... They also have a Starbucks Cafe there and DH can relax and people watch. I would shop there exclusively but they do not carry our favorite brand of cold cuts.
I have never worked with black adia but I have used the light trick with white and it makes a big difference. I just sit a lamp in the floor or on the table behind my work. Even if you are in the middle of other stitches and they are nice and tight the light will still show thru that tiny spot in the corner.
I'll keep that in mind eagle. My needle kept slipping out of my 28 count linen so I've switched from a 24 needle to a 22 and everything is fine now.
My most recent pattern I'm addicted to is on black fabric, and I found this awesome LED light at Hobby Lobby. It folds up and out and it's got three different brightness settings. Plugs into USB or runs off batteries, you decide which you want to use. It lights up the underneath of the fabric and the pattern has been a joy to stitch.
That light sounds just what I'm looking for but I've been surfing through websites over here and found nothing but will keep on trying. Thanks for the motivation to get going again.