Does anyone have this pattern?
I am so in love with this picture.

I bought it as a diamond painting (put beads onto the picture). Don't buy this ;) Only the kitten is done and it looks ridiculous. It was cheap and I actually like it as a craft project, even though this one was disappointing.

I so love this picture and I'd love to do it in cross stitch on black Aida.
Posted by: Notrunningfast on 07/13/17
I don't get the rest of the picture printed? Or cross stitched?
by: VCESS on 07/14/17
Its printed on a cheesy, glossy, tapestry kind of thing. Instead of cross stitching, you actually put these tiny little beads on it. (You see them on Amazon as diamond painting)

I was hoping that the whole picture would have the tiny little beads, but it was only the kitten. And it looked ridiculous. So its already in the garbage. Lesson learned.

But I so love the picture, and I think it would make a very cool cross stitch.
by: Notrunningfast on 07/14/17
If I had to do this thing in beads, they'd have to commit me.
by: Texas Stitcher on 07/14/17
Can I run with you? I enjoy the way that beads on cross stitched can really brighten the project. A project of beads?
Uh, no! I will run to the nut farm with Tex...
by: Su Pitt on 07/15/17
I think The Fox Collection has several of these patterns which they call "Diamond Dotz". You apparently "glue" each dot onto the printed pattern. I think I will keep to cross stitch.
by: deirdre on 07/15/17
I remember a computer program that could take a photo and make a pattern out of it. That was many years ago, so I'm sure now there's better technology. (I don't know about copyright issues with doing that though.) Cute picture!
by: saintsgal on 07/16/17