how much backstitching is involved in this design? alot? or minimal. ( i hate backstitching but really am interested in this design)


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I looked on Heaven and Earth Designs website and from what I can tell there is only full cross stitches used on this pattern. This is a beautiful pattern, I hope you enjoy stitching it!
There is no backstitching and only full cross stitches - it is a full coverage piece (and they are having 25% off sale right now as well
SOLD!!!! thanks for the replies!!!!
Cindy, I'm not crazy about backstitching although I don't hate it. I do like the way it makes a design look.....makes some of the items in a pattern pop out. However when there is a lot of backstitching in a pattern I do it as I go along, a section at a time, instead of doing it all at the end. I find it to be so much easier to do it that way. Only a suggestion but maybe you won't mind it as much by doing it as you go.
Maybe using the double running stitch would be more agreeable--I like it... :)
Never heard of the double running stitch. I just GOOGLED it. I like it! Have a stitching day
I agree with micolochick. I'm not crazy about back stitching either, but if I do it as I finish up an area, instead of waiting to do it all at the end, then it's not so bad. And yes, if a design calls for back stitching, I would do it. I agree that it makes things pop, as the expression goes.
I learned something new! I had never heard of the double running stitch either. I am working on a house with lots of backstitching for the eaves that go almost across the length of the picture - it will come in handy! Thank you!
Double Running stitch? I will have to look that one up too! Never heard of it! Sounds interesting, Jacquie
Wow, how neat! May have to try that double running stitch sometime. I have never seen it in any instructions on any patterns I have done so far. I is usually in the instructions or something one just does on their own? Just curious! Jacquie
I HATE BACKSTITCHING! Having said that I agree that it sure makes things pop. I did a picture for my nephew when he was born and it had tons of backstitching, to the point it almost obliterated the picture. I think that may have turned me off backstitching. I do it but sometimes reluctantly.
LadyJ, the running stitch was a suggestion from a designer in a JCS issue back in the 80's. I had just finished one of her designs and wanted to slap her around for not including the hint in her instructions! :) But I have used it ever since. :)