Candy dish


Where can one get the candy dish?


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According to what is written in the description here, it looks like the suggestion is for an antique style milk candy dish that can be bought at an antique, thrift store, or on ebay . It does not appear that they were referring to using a certain manufacturer's item. I checked ebay for milk glass candy dish 7 inches and there was one that came up that looked like the one in the picture. Also some came up on a google search that looked like the picture but you would have to make sure that it is the right size at 7 inches to properly fit the completed design. I am a stitcher who uses this chat board and not an employee of Everything Cross Stitch.
Your question was where to get one of these candy dishes. Well, I have something almost exactly the same and it is not a candy dish but used for flower arranging and where the red fabric is, is where you place a glass thing called a ``frog`` which is clear with lots of holes to place the flowers into. I inherited it from my mother in law so that where I got the information. Does this help or make things more confusing. Doreen
I saw one on etsy for $8.00. You could also try Goodwill stores, or online. It looks familiar to me, my mother had some milk glass years ago. She may have sold it all, but I have some of her things in boxes, if you can give me a few days, I can check.