Magnetic board for holding cross stitch patterns
I recently posted a message about finding a bigger that 8 x 10 Loran magnetic board. I did find one that was 12 x 18 but it wasn't what I expected. The size was 12 inches high x 18 inches long. I thought it was the other way around, 12 inches long and 18 inches high. It was too heavy to put on the folding stand. Unfortunately I have to return it. I was thinking about a magnetic dry erase board but not sure if they would hold up on the folding stand. They might be too heavy. Does anyone know if it will hold up on the stand or anything else I could try?
Posted by: Lindelsue1954 on 07/16/17
I'm not quite sure I understand the dimensions of your magnetic board. Mine is also 12 x 18 but I can use it either way (12" wide by 18" high or 18"wide by 12" high). I have a lamp with several things attached to it and one of them is a heavy duty clip that will hold the board. Occasionally, the pattern and the board are too heavy so I just put a box underneath to hold it up. I'm not sure what those folding stands are like but is there some way you could brace it so it would hold the board? I use the large magnetic board all the time and wouldn't be without it anymore. I hope you can come up with a solution. Maybe someone else can help.
by: Senior Stitcher on 07/16/17
I use a large baking sheet/pan I found at the good will. use the inside or flip it over and use back side--worked for me so far. It sits on an old plant stand that I also found at goodwill I place the stand near my stitching chair. Yep II like to think outside the box. I always look at things with --how can I repurpose that? Much to my wife's dismay!!!!!!
by: dave001 on 07/17/17
Dave001, what a good idea, although I wouldn't have to go to Goodwill, I'm pretty sure I have some in my house that would work!
by: Jaj on 07/17/17
For years I have used a legal size long wooden clipboard to hold my patterns. It sits propped against my sewing lamp by my sewing chair. It works great and I can easily mark off my stitches while I work. I bought a magnetic board years ago and didn't like it so I tossed it out.

I enjoy reading things here about the different ways we do our stitching.
by: syagel on 07/17/17
I bought one a few years ago with a JoAnne's GC I received for Christmas but I love the idea of the cookie sheet! What a creative idea! I am never that clever. Kudos Dave for repurposing things around the house or finding dollar store /Goodwill treasures!
by: ladyj117 on 07/17/17
For Senior Stitcher: The dimensions are 12 x 18 being the 18 the long ways. It was just way to wide to sit on my small lap table. It took up too much room. If I put it the other way around it would be too top heavy and would tip over the stand
by: Lindelsue1954 on 07/17/17
I have a 12x18 magnetic board that I use when doing large projects...Don't have to keep putting one project away to work on another...can pile several projects (large and small) on top of each other...large project pages supported with adjacent pages, too...many, many ways to use this thing. Does take some space...I stand mine on a cookbook holder, sitting on a corner of my table--to quickly put away, I slide the whole thing into a pillow case...pattern,needleminders, magnetically captured scissors, needles, threaded...all go in and usually, I don't need to fish when it returns to its spot. I also have a magnetic folding 12x14 (approx) that I's sold for knitters and the opened back side has a pocket for extra pattern pages, pen.
LOVE all this magnetic stuff! Quick tidying, easy life!
by: VCESS on 07/18/17
i use a musician sheet music stand with stand for 19.99 and free shipping
at musician'
i don't know if that's to much money
but it works great for me
by: robin lee on 07/19/17
I just turn my board 90° with the little "shelf" where they thought I might store pencils. It depends on which side of your body is closest to the board. If you like your chart on the right of your body, "shelf" should be on the right. If you put your charts to the left of yourself, then that little shelf would be on your left. That just keeps the little shelf on the bigger magnetic board out of your way!
I was lucky to find an old oak bible stand in the arts-and-crafts style. It wis a great chart stand and hard for me to knock over.
by: Su Pitt on 07/19/17