Q Snap extenders
Does anyone know if the small extenders are still available? I have the 3" extenders, but I'm looking for more of the very small extenders that fit into 2 empty tubes. I have only 4 and have used them regularly when I need to combine items to make for the proper size frame for my work. I'd like 4 more, if I can get them. Any ideas? They must have come with a previous kit, when I bought all the sizes and extensions way back when I first began using Q-Snaps, but I've not seen them since.
Posted by: Grit on 07/17/17
I Googled Q-snap extensions and found out that they are available at Walmart, Amazon and 123 Stitch. Have you tried Everything Cross Stitch?
by: bjukniewicz on 07/17/17
I too would like to get some more of those little things. I also bought mine 'way' back when I first was introduced to Q-Snaps. Bought every size, & the extenders, both, the 3" ones, & the ones that just 'join' two tubes together. ( I just call them the joiners)
I googled them, but could only find the 3" extenders, anywhere.
I believe, that maybe the only place you might be able to get them, is a regular cross stitch store, not Michaels, JoAnn's, or Hobby Lobby, as they don't carry much anymore. I am thinking that a cross stitch shop, might have some, or at least a supplier.
by: nita7 on 07/18/17
Thank you both. The 3" extenders are available everywhere, but the "joiners" as nita7 calls them, aren't. I even checked the q snap website and they aren't there. I'll keep looking in needlepoint, cross stitch and quilt stores to see if, maybe, I may luck out.
by: Grit on 07/18/17
I took a picture of the joiner and emailed it to Yarn Tree, who purchased Q Snap and is now the manufacturer. In talking with them prior to sending the email, they were not aware of that piece. I'm hoping the picture and the length of it, along with my mentioning others would like more also, may prompt them to consider adding that item to their inventory. I'll keep you posted, should I hear from them.
by: Grit on 07/18/17
Some added information about the Q-snap "joiners" - the 2-inch, not the 3-inch AND about a "male" joiner that can join 2 female tubes together.
I sent Yarn Tree an e-mail a few days ago and received a response from Erica at Yarn Tree stating that she was passing the e-mails regarding thie above parts " to the owners" for them to look at. Erica states that the above parts " are not sold separately". Suggest that those of you who are interested about these q-snap parts that they used to carry, send an e-mail to Erica at Yarn Tree stating an interest in them and maybe the owners will consider bringing those additional "joiners" back onto the market for purchase. I definitely would buy them to increase my ability to vary my Q-Snap frame sizes.
by: Bermuda on 07/20/17