pdf pattern
Help! A pattern I've been wanting is on sale in a pdf format. Have any of you gotten a pattern by pdf? I have a new printer so I should be able to copy it. Advice, please.
Posted by: Senior Stitcher on 07/17/17
I order mine in PDF all the time - if it is a large pattern I take it to be printed - if a small one I print it myself at home. Have had no issues whatsoever
by: t0adp00p on 07/17/17
Hi Senior Stitcher! I have purchased a PDF pattern from Heaven and Earth Designs. You first download it to your computer then you print it from there. I would recommend saving on a flash drive also or something else then just on your computer incase you have future computer problems, that way you can always get to your copy. It is almost the same as buying the paper version, except it is on your computer. The nice thing about having it on your computer is that you don't have to take it to make copies, just print out how many copies you want or if you tear a page just print out that page.

I hope this helps! Happy Stitching!!
by: tspitz on 07/17/17
Like t0adp00p, I have also downloaded a PDF pattern after I pay for the pattern and it is sent to me at my e-mail address. Like her, once I do the print out, I have it enlarged since my printer isn't a commercial size printer.
by: Bermuda on 07/17/17
Senior -- I just sent you a private e-mail. I think the other responses make what I was trying to say easy. Just don't forget to save the original!

Have a stitching day.
by: NANCYE G on 07/17/17
Oh... and before you do ANY printing of the pattern, make sure your printer' has a full ink-cartridge and you have plenty of paper in your printer. Unfortunately, I have had the experience of running out of ink and/or paper when making my copy because I forgot to check beforehand.
by: Bermuda on 07/17/17
Thank you for your comments. I went ahead and managed to get two copies of the 8 pages (one in black and white and one in color). All went well. I hadn't used the printer much since I got it so the cartridges were just about new but when I was finished, I got a message that at least one of them (must be the black) is now low on ink. I'm supposed to be able to get an estimate on the ink levels but instead, I was told they couldn't connect. I'm technically challenged and don't have a clue what to do about that except watch my printouts to see when they start fading. At least I have my pattern. Thanks again.
by: Senior Stitcher on 07/17/17
YIPPEE -- YOU DID IT! I understand that those color printers can be tricky. Mine is black and white only. Last year I started getting messages. Something like REPLACE CARTRIDGE ONLY ENOUGH FOR 200 MORE SHEETS. Then it went down to 150, 125, etc. We eventually ordered a new cartridge but the old one kept going and sending a message that I was running out of ink. Six months later and more than a whole ream of paper we finally replaced it! Now it sends me a message that I am using a non-HP ink cartridge. Like I didn't know that!
by: NANCYE G on 07/18/17
I have gotten pattern(s) on pdf, there ok , but make sure you have plenty of ink and paper and it's in good working order--been there, done that, bought t-shirt wore it out. That's one reason I buy my patterns from ECS, they are perfect, in my estimation. An advantage of pdf, is that you can make multiple copies "from home." I like to make copies of any and all patterns I'm working on, SAVING THE ORGINAL, just in case I'm inspired, bribe by family or friends to "make me one." Like all the good advise you'll find here, try it, you may like it and it will work for you. We stitch to relieve tension, not cause it--at least that's what I always tell myself!!!
by: dave001 on 07/18/17
When our ink cartridge (98% of the time it's the black-and white one) warns that it's low on ink, I begin to watch the pages being copied for the fading-and in the worst cases- large interrupted pages with little ink. If this starts to happen when you are in the middle of making a copy, make note of the page number (should say on your computer as to what page is printing) where it begins to go bad. That way, once you install a new ink cartridge you can tell the computer to copy only the pages you really need; it usually says "pages" and you enter pages "1-5" for example. Saves on paper. On my printer, even though it states, "low on ink", my printer will hesitate for 5-10 seconds before printing again as the ink in the cartridge slowly slides down the in sides of the cartridge - like the hair shampoo slowly sliding down of the shampoo bottle when you're almost out of shampoo -to print out a couple more pages, but even then I watch my copies..
Also, I make a point of making a couple more copies of the
Floss symbol "key" as spares, because mine get wrinkled, faded, etc from being handled so much....
by: Bermuda on 07/18/17