I ordered my very first Q-snap! Going to go pick it up on Wednesday. I did a site to store option so I didn't have to pay for shipping. xD
Posted by: veronichrome on 07/22/17
What size Q-Snap did you order?
by: Bermuda on 07/23/17
11" x 17."
by: veronichrome on 07/23/17
That's a great size for bigger projects. I prefer medium sized stitching, so I got two 8x11 and can combine them into different shapes. Then, eventually, have two of every size. My former plumber husband puts them together much faster than I van!
by: Su Pitt on 07/23/17
Hi! I got it because I have 2 HAEDs (Heaven and Earth Designs) I want to stitch, and using hoops wasn't something I wanted to do because there would just be fabric everywhere. LOL. The Q-snap looks like a very nice alternative to getting all that extra fabric under control. I find I stitch either really small things (5x7 - which I can use hoops for) or full coverage things.
by: veronichrome on 07/23/17
Good size! I believe that if you purchase one more 11 x17 Q-Snaps frame you will be able to to combine both sets and make one 17" x 17" frame and one 11" x 11" frame! :)
I'm planning on buying an 8" x 8" Q-Snap frame so I can make a Q-Snap frame 8" high x 11" wide.
by: Bermuda on 07/23/17
HAED and q-snaps are a great combo. I find that the 17" is a lot longer than my forearm. My mom alwags said I had a tiny skeleton and lots of fat. I can't manage it. But, if I can ever poke DH into peeling himself away from his latest book or his computer, I need him to make feet for my floor stand (they were lost in moving). I hope we will get to see your HAEDs!
by: Su Pitt on 07/23/17
You will have to let us know how you like it! I have been looking at these, because I am a "buncher", as I've seen us affectionately called here. In all my years of stitching, I have never been able to use a hoop. I do some bigger projects (because I like to stitch plantations, lol!), so I can see where the frame size could become too cumbersome. I am wondering about a couple things, like do you get a frame big enough for your whole piece and leave it on there the whole time while you're working on it? Also, back when I tried to use a hoop, I always seemed to end up with "rings" that were nearly impossible to wash and press out - do you have that issue with these Q-snaps? Sorry so long - just curious. :)
by: saintsgal on 07/23/17
Saintsgal, one of the reason I don't like hoops is because of the "ring" even if I take the hoop off everytime I finish stitching. I've bee using Qsnaps for years, love them and never have a problem. Usually my snaps are longer and wider than the project that I'm stitching, so the snap bars are always snapped on the salvage of the material. So usually once I put the frame on, it stays on until I'm done with the project. I've never had any ring to worry about even after a year on one of my projects. But I did have one picture that had to have one side under the snap. I saved that area for last so the snap wouldn't be on too long and I also placed tissue paper (like the wrapping paper) between the snap and the area that was cross stitched. Never had a problem. Of course when I first got the snaps, dumb, dumb me tried to pull them off, until finally I figured out that you slowly slide the outer covers off.
by: arottenbucher on 07/23/17
Lol! I was the same way when I first got my Q-Snaps till a rod cover took pity on me and slid a little way still hugging the rod.
by: Bermuda on 07/23/17
@Bermuda: That is a fabulous idea! Thank you for mentioning it. :)
@SuPitt: LOL. I don't know whether I'd use the Q-snap vertically or horizontally, but I suspect if I use it horizontally I can rest the 17" part on my lap and the 11" part I can hold. I still have to get the floss for my HAED, but once I get everything bought, I'm sure I will love sharing pictures with you guys. :)
@saintsgal: Ok, I will let you know, heehee. I'm so excited to try it out! To answer your questions, my Q-snap is an 11" x 17", and my fabric is 18" x 27". So I'll be moving the fabric around as I stitch on it. Another cross stitcher recommended I loosen the tension on the Q-snap every night, so I plan on doing that. I've heard most people don't get hoop lines since it's the fabric rolled under the snap.
by: veronichrome on 07/23/17