I Know it's off the subject....kinda
Have any of you had trouble with mid - lower back and hip pain when
Semi-sitting or reclining in your chaise lounge chairs for an extended time?
Seems DH and I are having trouble with both of ours. It's becoming like a 'Chinese water torture' ( nothing personal to our Chinese constituents out there); my chair is where I normally sit when stitching.
Posted by: Bermuda on 08/09/17
If my butt isn't right up to the back of the chair, I get that pain. I have to kinda hop into my chair because it's really deep and my legs are too short.
by: Simon Purple on 08/09/17
I'm using a small throw pillow to support the small of my back and putting a bed pillow up against larger area of my back vertically; see if it works. Thanks for the input Simon. Even with the pillows I'm going to remember what you said
And try to keep it snug.
Hope your new project is going well!
by: Bermuda on 08/09/17
Bermuda, I gave up and went to the Dr...Sciatic nerve...I always thought that that particular problem was at the base of the spine...not mid-buttock. Can be on left or right side, excruciating or mild, shooting pains up, or down...I had to seek attention because it ambushed my right leg, I froze and almost hit the deck...in tears. My Dr knows that I detest a bunch of testing when he can most likely take care of it. He gave me strict orders not try and ignore the pain, if it persisted for more than 3-5 days, I was to return. He gave me the mildest muscle relaxer on the market...I would have eaten a rock, I was desperate--road trip was in immediate future. That tiny pill put me out for 16 hours...I was supposed to take 3 times a day! oof! I took a total of three...and I was lucky, I am fine...had a wonderful trip...but I made sure I got out, walked, stretched the hip joints and hams every little bit. It will probably be chronic...once you have it, it has you. I get up regularly for at least 10 min...it still whimpers, but only to remind me to get off my uh-huh.

Of course, this may not be your problem, or your solution...quite a coincidence that both of you are experiencing the same problem, though...and you guys do a lot of gardening... Dr. also suggested a heating pad, warm showers or soaking, but I hate to say, the pills topped it for me...if it starts affecting your walk, be looked at... doesn't hurt, if you have a Dr that knows you and isn't the annoying "tester". Mine knows me...too well...nurse called in 3 days to see if I was still taking the pills. 😄

Hope you guys get relief in a hurry! 😊
by: VCESS on 08/09/17
VCESS and Bermuda,
My first thought was the sciatic nerve. It goes from mid buttocks all the way down the leg. I get it sometimes and it is a very dull, constant ache. I usually take Advil which helps. I worked in physical therapy for awhile and the PT's told me to lay on my back and hold my knees up to my chest, that helped relieve the pain.
by: ladyj117 on 08/10/17
my dh has it bad the only thing that works is a treatment form our chiropactor (sp) and ice packs
by: susieq on 08/10/17
Thanks to you all for your help and advice ! DH says he's fine now!!! Last night I couldn't lay down either on my back or sides and it even seemed to be affecting both my hips! I was getting muscles contractions to beat the band in those areas.Standing relieved some of the pain,
but I don't have the "lock-the-knees-so-you-can-sleep-while-standing-up" gig 100% yet...Stood in HOT shower (a sight NOBODY should see!!) a couple of times during the night which gave me temporary relief, popped 1 Advil( I was taking Tylenol earlier, which worked as well as a cow udder on a bull); threw on a wad of icy-hot, put on a soft back brace and laid down. I'm wearing a stiffer back-brace as we speak until I can see my doctor this Monday.
If it gets bad, will TRY to pull my knees up to my chest but I suspect that DH is going to need to use a block-and-tackle to get me into that position and keep me there...
Yes VCESS, I'll go for the drugs the doc offers me on Monday; he knows my back problems too well over the years and I have stenosis (narrowing) in the lower back area, diagnosed early last fall, with the recommendation to,
And this is a quote, "avoid bending." "Ahhhh....ok.... but I have to sit, go to the "girls room" occasionally, retrieve things out of lower dresser and kitchen drawers, assist DH in chores, clean house, need I go on?" Says I to my doctor at that fall visit. Poor man having to deal with this ....
My dry sense of humor helps me deal with these things so please forgive me if my 'dry wit' comes off sounding like sarcasm; it's more effective than the Tylenol 😏
by: Bermuda on 08/10/17
No but my butt hurts sometimes when I sit for too long. Hahahaha!
by: veronichrome on 08/11/17
Discovered the culprit causing my back pain!
(Drum roll please)
It IS my chaise lounge chair.
Our older son came over to visit today and noticed that the chair was leaning, not a dramatic lean but a subtle one that a person could miss unless you stood facing the front of the chair and looked at the top headrest area which had a slight slope to it. Turning the whole chair over we discovered that a wooden area of the frame had broken and then moved down against a piece of the metal frame.
I told my son Bigfoot must've come in the middle of the night and sat in it ( that's my story and I'm sticking to it).
by: Bermuda on 08/12/17
LOL! I'm so glad you discovered "the culprit" and you're recovered...I've heard reports that Bigfoot was sighted in your area not long ago! MANY, many reports! LOL
by: VCESS on 08/14/17