I have a beautiful piece of lugana that I am stitching a simple design on. I have tried even weave and linen before and got so exasperated that I only use aida. This time I am determined to finish it. I have to say that although it looks beautiful, it is too hard for me. I might just do little Christmas ornaments on it in the future but I just don't see myself doing big pictures on it. I tried to grid on my dreams! Strangely enough, I tried the one over one stitch and found it easier that over two!
Posted by: Cory on 08/10/17
I love working on lugana, one over one. I have worked a lot on aida, but I think that I like lugana better. I use it when I stitch very detailed charts, which is one of my favorite things now. I usually keep several projects going at all times, different types of material, along with different difficulties of charts.
by: djhmom55 on 08/11/17