Love the new
I really like the way the chat is set-up, figured out the " little house" symbol takes me back to the beginning of the "chat" board, love the LARGE size of the ECS Charts and the pictures of WIP that stitchers are inserting with their chats but I think I found a tiny "glitch" in that respect.
It appears to happen ONLY on pictures inserted by stitchers of their projects. When you tap on the picture, a little box shows up, has a blank spot for typing, delete? FIRST, then you need to tap picture a 2nd time to get the picture. Am I missing something about this little box? Could it be for a stitcher deleting their picture from a chat they posted? Again, this 'little box' ONLY appears for a picture posted by a stitcher, not a picture of a pattern offered by ECS.
Love the symbol next to the chat 'subject' line that allows editing and saving the chat; I use this quite a bit because of my typos when typing and/or changes to how I want to say something in my chat.
Posted by: Bermuda on 08/11/17
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