counted cross stitch christmas tree skirt patterns
I have been looking for counted cross stitch patterns for tree skirts and I'm not having any luck.
Posted by: linda1998 on 08/11/17
Type in 'tree skirts' in the "search for" area at the top of page and it will take you to another page, where Tree Skirts are listed; tap on that and you will see that ECS offers 3 beautiful cross stitch KITS. If it is just a pattern you are looking for, you might try typing in 'vintage tree skirt patterns' and see if you get anything.
A few times in the past, to get a cross stitch PATTERN I really really liked and wanted, I ended up buying the kit them put the aida fabric and floss that came with the kit in my stash and 'kitted' the pattern with DMC floss and my own fabric of choice.
by: Bermuda on 08/11/17
I know they have one call sleigh ride because it is on my wish list!
by: ladyj117 on 08/16/17
Go to EBAY. They have a good selection, especially this early in the year. And because they are classified as used(although I have always found them to be of good quality) the prices are good.
by: star2swan on 08/16/17
I have just started one that I have had in my stash for 30 years. I am finding it very awkward to hold as the material is so large!! Is there a way of making it easier to hold and stitch?? I woud like to finish it as it is very pretty although I might use it as a table cloth instead of a tree skirt. It is a Dimensions kit with kittens and puppies under the tree with presents and ribbons.
by: deirdre on 08/16/17
Stoney Creek's web site has some tree skirt patterns and kits. I have done the Dimensions kit called Sleigh Ride - turned out great, but it is a lot of fabric to handle. I have done 2 other tree skirts taking a smaller pattern for a picture or pillow (I made them into pillows) and then making duplicates and incorporating into tree skirts.
by: jmirz on 08/16/17