HAED Freebie Egyptian Queen Progress
Hey everyone! I'm going to be posting progress pictures of my new start, Freebie Egyptian Queen from HAED's website. I started this project on August 1, and the picture I have now is my progress up until August 11th. If you'd like to see what the finished pattern is, just go to Heaven and Earth Design's website and click their Free Charts page. I hope you guys enjoy this thread. ^_^
Posted by: veronichrome on 08/12/17
That looks great, did you start in the middle? Keep posting your progress, please.
by: djhmom55 on 08/12/17
AMAZING. No way would I even consider stitching this project. Not even if all the supplies were also free. I admire your ambition and look forward to seeing how the stitching progresses.

by: NANCYE G on 08/12/17
@djhmom55: Yes I sure did start in the middle! I had one disastrous occasion where I tried to start in the top left corner for a full coverage, and... I didn't put the design in the right place, so it was really not good. Then I messed up somewhere, and couldn't figure out how to fix it, so I was like "Never again! Going to start in the middle for everything." Ever since then, I mess up so much LESS. LOL.

@Nancye G: Heehee, I tend to lean towards full coverage pieces. My other project, a non HAED, is also full coverage. I do have a few little projects that are usually kits for myself, or smaller projects for gifts. Thanks for stopping by!
by: veronichrome on 08/12/17