Legend of Zelda Stained Glass
I am thinking of doing this piece for my grandson, however I have never attempted anything this large. The pattern I printed out does not say much or I just don't understand, she does sya she used 18 count however I am wanting to do 14 count.. Here is what is on the sheet I printed out. Stitch count: 286 w x 426 h, Finished size: 143cm x 213 cm (4 linen thread cm) I Proable should forget this, The largest I ever stitched was a wedding announcement 16X20 but for some reason that was easier to understand. Maybe because this I printed off the computer and wa from a single person. Help please. Thank you
Posted by: nana on 08/12/17
I am not sure what you are asking for sure but I calculated the fabric size in inches and your fabric would be around 25 inches by 35 inches that is with a boarder large enough to mount and frame it. The stitched area would be approximately 21inches by 31 inches. Hope this helps.
by: Nettie on 08/12/17
It would be quite a large piece on 14 count. This is what I calculated:
Stitched area on 14 count approx 24x30
On 16 ct approx 18x27
On 18 ct approx 16x24
by: nita7 on 08/12/17