Stitchy bug
I may have lost my stitchy bug. I think that Mucha pushed me out too far, and I haven't been able to quite recover yet. I've landed in knitting. I really enjoyed knitting on some gift socks in the car today, and now I'm knitting on a cabled sweater. Don't worry, it gets cold enough for sweaters out here! A couple months, at least!
Posted by: Simon Purple on 08/12/17
I've periodically lost my stitchy bug too. For a while I was painting, according to my husband, "everything in the house" .
The cat painted herself, when she got into a cabinet I was doing, and the dog (then puppy) also painted herself when she ran across the freshly painted floor, slid under the bed, then ran through the house with me in hot pursuit. Then I moved on to sewing...all new curtains, and two T-shirt throws, but I always circle back to stitching. I have a few ideas floating around in my head, and sketches for some things I want to do...but I need to finish a few things I've started before that happens.
by: Jaj on 08/13/17
I take my kindle with me to work to read. so I'm always ready to get back to my sewing when I not at work. also ECS is a good kick in the butt if I lose my stitch bug. thanks to everyone .
by: susieq on 08/13/17
Yep, lost my 'stitchy bug' and finally urge came back in last 10 days,so moving forward on my 'iJ' project. My back has recovered ( finally) from my 'back killer' chair.
by: Bermuda on 08/13/17
I find that if I get stale with my stitching (making mistakes with increasing frequency) I put it aside and read a book or go outside and wreak the garden. It seems to work.
by: deirdre on 08/13/17
That happens to all of us, I think. I hope you don't stay gone too long - I was looking forward to seeing your autumn projects! :)
by: saintsgal on 08/13/17
Simon, you're one of us even if you never pick up another needle! We love you, no matter...I know nothing about knitting, but enjoy reading what you ARE DOING! :) The bug will return, maybe, if not, you can cheer us forward! :)
by: VCESS on 08/14/17