The Conversion
"You can't teach an old dog new tricks" that is so not true!
Three months ago I'd never heard of snap frames and now I have two sets plus two sets on order. I was a bit dubious in the beginning but am quite converted now.
Posted by: Marydenmark on 08/13/17
don't do what I did took me years to figure out to slide the snaps off not try and pull them off duuuu . homer simpson would be proud of me. I felt like a idiot. lol
by: susieq on 08/13/17
I've been there Susi! 😶
by: Marydenmark on 08/13/17
Been there, did that also until one of the clamps took pity on me and slid when I was trying to get it off. :)
by: Bermuda on 08/13/17
Oh my goodness, this thread is super. Just when we all thought that we were the only doughnut in the box another "confession" turns up. 😂
by: Marydenmark on 08/14/17
I recently started using the Q snap frames and they seem to be working well for me. But I'm having difficulty figuring out what to do with the extra Aida cloth. I tried wrapping it around the rod, but it only wrapped once with more material left. What do you do with the extra material?
by: bmiko on 08/17/17
Hi Bimiko, like you I've just begun using snap frames and had the same problem with excess material on my 11x11" frame. I solved the problem by folding the excess inside out and snapping the fold over the frame. It worked well. I tried a larger frame but found it too heavy and bulky. I hope some more seasoned snappers see this and give us some good tips. If they don't why don't you post your question as a new topic.
by: Marydenmark on 08/17/17
Thanks, Mary. I'll try that folding trick.
by: bmiko on 08/17/17
Hope it works for you Barbara. 🍀
by: Marydenmark on 08/18/17
Depending on how much extra fabric is hanging outside the Q-Snap, i do what Mary does, roll the material up to the side of the frame and either use a "snacks clip" (keeps the opened potato chip bag closed) for a small roll of fabric or a metal supply clip (but use only those that have a plastic-coated edge so it doesn't tear your fabric).
I am currently using a large CLEAN rubber band over some Saran Wrap that covers and hold the bottom excess unstitched fabric in a pony tail configuration. Wrinkled, probably, but at this point of working from the top down I had to find some control of a large amount of fabric. I store my whole project in a king size pillowcase.
by: Bermuda on 08/18/17