Where are you VCESS
Missing your witty comments- you are my favourite on this chat ( maybe because I think like you 😁) hope you ignored the inappropriate and nasty comments made by someone that obviously doesn't get what we are all about! (Or maybe you have just been busy😳) Either way- please check in!
Posted by: murillome on 09/08/17
I have to agree with murillome where are you Vcess? You and I think so much alike it is scary. Looking forward to your posts so I have someone to agree with on some things. Have a good day.
by: syagel on 09/08/17
I also was thinking about VCess. I miss your witty and funny nature. Hope you are doing well.
by: maubennett on 09/08/17
I hope everything is ok Vcess.
by: surt8511 on 09/08/17
Are you at 'the beach' in your cabana striped lounge chair ogling those handsome looking young men delivering your cross stitch items and drinking Corona beers again??
by: Bermuda on 09/08/17
Did you find our beach boy and decide to run away with him?
by: Su Pitt on 09/09/17
Did anyone hear from Vcess.
by: surt8511 on 09/11/17
I have been checking all the new posts but Vcess has not made any comments that I can see. Worrisome because she indicated in one of her most recent comments that she was dealing with something that seemed to be causing some distress (or maybe I read too much into things)😬
by: murillome on 09/11/17
Hopefully she is okay.
by: surt8511 on 09/11/17
I picked up on that also regarding an outside stressor in her last few posts. Like the rest of us, stressors in our lives can cause an absence on the chat until things can get rectified. I'm also worried about Jerseycrafter not being on the chat. I know it may sound superstitious to some, but I keep my own thoughts in my head and not coming out of my mouth as the reasons for her absence.
by: Bermuda on 09/11/17
Bermuda-thanks for your comments! Hopefully they will both laugh when they see how worried we were! It just shows how involved one can get on a chat line like this- I for one feel like I know most of you personally- a world wide support group😊😊😊
by: murillome on 09/11/17