Gridding Cross Stitch
I have been cross stitching for many years, and I have done many big projects. I just ordered a pattern through Everything Cross Stitch (Grizzly Bear), and in the instructions it suggests "gridding" my fabric. I would really like to know how this is done! This process would really help on this large pattern!

Thanks for any help.

Pat Linton
Eugene, OR
Posted by: pacl88 on 09/11/17
Hi Pat,

This refers to making a 10x10 square grid on your fabric just as it is on most patterns - if you look closely these lines are bolded, or sometimes another color. Basically you baste these lines onto your fabric in red or a neon color (something that stands out), then work 10x10 blocks. Takes a bit more time initially, but keeps your count more accurate.

I was in Eugene years ago - lovely place!

Hope this helps,

Alvaton, KY
by: lisalisa1313 on 09/11/17
If you go to the " scarlet quince" website and go to their tutorials section (I think it's under 'tips' heading), there will be a left side menu that a tutorial
On 'gridding' your fabric.
Another possible resource is go to You-Tube to search for cross stitch tutorials on gridding your fabric. Hope this helps! :)
by: Bermuda on 09/11/17 will give you an excellent view of the cloth and a good idea of what the guideline is. The video is not the best explanation but it gives you an understanding of what it is all about...and since I'm not the smartest kid on the block, you might understand it much better than I did! Hopefully they did an updated, improved version! :)

I use this stuff on everything... :)

by: VCESS on 09/13/17
I agree with vcess regarding instructions could be better. Current project is loaded and I do mean loaded with partial stitches ( 300) in one small section. Don't think I could do it without R&S easycount. I work on a frame, so much easier to do than for a scroll which has to be done with fabric loose in lap. Like to add that I had already started my project before I used this. I would recommend this and will use on all future projects.
by: eagle1dw on 09/13/17
it is so easy, all you have to do is count to ten! fold your aida in half and starting from there just do a tacking stitch from top to bottom, then every ten squares run another one, turn the aida sidewards and do the same again,it will look like the lines on the chart. once you've done that you can start stitching where ever you want. ok it takes some time to stitch the grid on the aida, but it is worth the time and the chart will be easy to follow. just use ordinary cotton. I have loads of kits ready to stitch, the gridding took me ages, I did it on all my kits, so I can do bits of each, which stops me getting bored... just try not to catch the grids so when you have finished the stitching you can pull the cottons out. I haven't tried it on evenweave yet though..
by: josie y on 09/13/17
I tried the EZ count for gridding, but it is not for me. I was always catching my needle or thread on it and it seemed to loosen the stitches. Enter Mark-B-Gone. Ta Da! It is a blue ink marker that works faster and better (for me anyhow) than any stitching product. It is made to wash out as it is used to mark pattern lines on fabric for sewing. You can buy it anywhere sewing notions are sold. I have been using it for several years and have never had it stain my fabric or thread.
by: luvtoxstitch on 09/14/17
Pat, I prefer to advise the easiest product for a beginner, easycount...after first time, you are on your own to adapt whatever practice is better for you. :) Gridding with floss without acute vigilance can end in frustration when trying to pull the floss from the stitching...needles can split it and, caught in the stitching, tear and distort stitches and fabric, especially in large projects...the larger, the more difficult.

Easycount is like fishing line--in fact, some use fishing line and it comes in different weights (thickness) and neon-like colors. It pulls out like butter, even in the large 24"+ projects...takes about 30 seconds to remove all the grossing...small ones, about 3 seconds.

I've not used the marker, but remember someone saying it had to be re-done periodically...I think it was a period of days...not for me...I can just see it becoming a UFO and my having to match the grid and pattern around the stitching...after a year...or three. :)

Like I said I just prefer to suggest the easy way, the first time...from then on, you will make up your own rules. :)
by: VCESS on 09/14/17
Hi VCESS, Hi Pat. I didn't mean to start an argument here. I think that the easycount would work for anyone with a bit more coordination than I possess. For me it felt like all the ease of wrestling with an alligator. The mark-be-gone works for me. I've been working on my current project for several months without the lines fading, but did notice yesterday that it was lightening up in spots. It's not too bad and I will redraw the lines where necessary. I am glad to be on this site and have learned a lot from my fellow stitchers and hope that what helps me might also be useful to others. As the saying goes, there's always more than one way to skin a cat. My best to you all. Karen
by: luvtoxstitch on 09/14/17
Hi Luv! I really didn't mean to be argumentative...honest! I meant to point out that there gave been discussions about the different marking products...some of them are meant to fade...I just don't know how quickly. Obviously you are more familiar with Mark-b-gone(?)...I was just voicing a silly.
I'm very familiar with easycount and had my own nightmares experimenting with floss...just discussing experience and my own failings and statements remembered. That's why we're speak up with warnings, encouragement, praise, cautionary tales of woe, advice about better products for use. No intent to criticize, just flagging an "issue". Choice of procedure is so very personal, but we can all improve something.
BTW, does your marker come in colors that would contrast better better on certain colors? This might be a great way to "grid" smaller projects very quickly...but kit fabrics are so "iffy". I just finished one small project with a dark purple linen...a neon yellow marker in one area would have been helpful! :) I might mark it off partially & quickly when I wouldn't bother with gridding... :)
by: VCESS on 09/15/17
You can also buy pregridded fabric called Easy Count or Magic Guide
by: t0adp00p on 09/15/17