Time for me.....
As much as I love Dante and the new pups Hunter and Hazel, I took a little time out for me yesterday and got a little stitching done. Of course, the pups were asleep so I didn't feel guilty not playing with them! I wore Dante out playing ball with him, so he was sleeping too! I sat outside for a bit, it was a beautiful day, partly sunny and about 75 degrees. The guilty part came in when I would get texts from my sister whose family was riding out hurricane Irma in Central Florida. I am happy to report other than a power outage at my nephew's house, both his house and my sister's house is still standing with no damage! Thank God it reduced to a cat 2 by the time it hit them. I mean still bad but not as bad as a cat 4 would have been. Now they are just getting rains from the tropical store it became. Thanking God above for watching over my family at this scary time.
Posted by: ladyj117 on 09/11/17
Jacquie, Your family was definitely blessed. I can't imagine what a hurricane would be like to go through. Been through some tornados, but they are much quicker - also very little notice. Glad you took time for you - always a good thing to recharge your batteries. Enjoy your pets, but don't stop the stitching!
by: jmirz on 09/11/17
Happy to hear your family is okay. Having only experienced one hurricane (a cat 2) I can say I never want to do that again! I can't imagine what a cat 4 must be like.
I had to laugh when I started reading your post, because someone, who I thought was tired, came and dropped a ball by my feet, so we just played some "inside ball", and now she's crying, because I'm not paying her enough attention...
by: Jaj on 09/11/17
Glad everyone is safe and sound!
We continue to get gusts of high wind and episodes of rain in Myrtle Beach, SC. this evening. DH and I watched about Irma most of Sunday and when we saw Irma graded down from a 3 to a 1 earlier than the previous estimates, we were so glad that Irma was finally breaking up for the sake of all those that had suffered from her and were in her line of fire.
by: Bermuda on 09/11/17
Thank God your family survived! Now it is time to donate to the charity that you trust to provide help to those who need the basics that are needed. So many folks think that the worst is over. It isn't. They need clean water for drinking and bathing, yet water systems need power to pump, to filter and to deliver water. Having been working in floods, I assure all of you, that we will go on a "no extras" diet, to be able to help others. That means a few months of not buying cross stitch things. I can work on what I have. A bottle of clean water to mix baby formula means so much!
by: Su Pitt on 09/12/17
Su Pitt,
We donated to Red Cross for the victims of Harvey and will likely do the same for the Irma victims. The Carribean Islands were hit pretty hard as was parts of Florida. It will take some time and the help of good friends and neighbors to rebuild.
by: ladyj117 on 09/12/17
It would have been nice of GOD if he had kept everyone safe.

My son almost had an electrical fire, water got into an outlet outside. He smelled something burning at 4 a.m. I'll be donating to that "charity".
by: Texas Stitcher on 09/12/17
Texas Stitcher,

I am so sorry to hear of the damage Hurricane Irma did to your son's house. I am glad no one was seriously hurt. Prayers for you, your son and his family as they pick up the pieces left by Irma.
by: ladyj117 on 09/12/17
Thank you, lady, the damage that was caused is so minor that it's not even worth claiming. He has returned to work today.
by: Texas Stitcher on 09/12/17
It is so heart-breaking watching the pictures on TV of all the water (I didn't know so much water could be in one place at one time) and property damage. We hope people can get their lives back on track as soon as possible but I think it will be a long haul for everyone. And then to be told that there are scumbags going around looting what little people have left!! There are places for people like that and I hope they end up there. People have been through enough without having to go through looting as well. Ah well I hope the low-lifes remember what goes around comes around - sooner rather than later I hope.
by: deirdre on 09/12/17
Unfortunately I've met up with some corrupt and unethical people in my lifetime that are so-called 'professionals' with college degrees that don't wait around for a hurricane to steal and scam other people. But I've also met some very nice people who are nice, ethical and willing to help others without expecting anything in return.
by: Bermuda on 09/12/17