Blue, blue and more blue...
Taking a small break from stitching the blues on my project. With such a large project, I decided to do almost all my stitching "English" style since there are such large areas of one floss color with the reason being that when (not if) I make a stitching count errror it is a lot easier to remove the mistake by removing each "X" completely before I go onto the next stitch to be frogged, it just seems easier and less likely to increase problems, especially when I'm frogging 3 strands of floss.
Posted by: Bermuda on 09/11/17
So glad you posted today! Been very worried about you and about South Carolina! I would do the same thing you did!
English or Danish, I would love to see all the blues, being a big fan of early blues music.
I worked, in my youth, with many large areas of one color...and it was usually a dull color. I think that the women who taught me all embroidery stitches, allowed me at six years old to stitch large areas of one color because they could frog my childish stitches after stitching time was over! Also, I would be less likely to make a mistake if the area was big.
by: Su Pitt on 09/12/17
Bermuda, I keep forgetting, is English completing one stitch at a time? If so, it's how I do all my stitching these days. I did several large projects with variegated floss and got so used to this method that I never even think about it. It's automatic now.
Su, too funny. It reminds me of when my mom taught me how to knit. I think I was 6ish. She was a woman of little patience.
by: Texas Stitcher on 09/12/17
We are safe and sound, though last night we were getting a lot of wind and episodes of torrential rain which, no doubt, was a gift from Irma but this morning the sky is blue and the sun is out.
You're right! The "English" method is fully completing each 'X' then going to the next. I think the other method is called the 'Danish' method where you stitch a half cross-stitch the entire row, then come back in the same row completing the 'Xs'. I decided on the English method for my project because I had made a mistake on one of my other WIPs; I had been doing the Danish method, had miscounted which, 8 rows down, the 8th row didn't match up with a section of stitching I had already stitched! I had to frog over 6 rows to get back to where my miscount had occurred, which meant pulling the TOP leg of each row out FIRST to get to the bottom row. It was a mess because it was fraying the floss as I was pulling it back out. I ended up having to cut the floss so I wasn't pulling a long section of floss out. Got to the mistake and had to frog back about 4 stitches more to have enough tail of floss to end under the other stitches. Lessons learned! I do 'English' method for large sections of one color AND I don't stitch downward more than 3-4 rows in any one section in case I've miscounted.

by: Bermuda on 09/12/17
Sorry, Bermuda, I hate it when that happens. I usually cut all the stitches instead of pulling the floss. Mine looks too frayed after all that manipulation. It's quicker - for me. I count twice and stitch once - get it? Pitiful, huh? But of course still make mistakes. I was able to leave it be in the past if it was minor but now it bugs me and I have to fix it. The thought being that I am putting so much time and work into......... My new readers help greatly. I took my project to the exam with me and purposely picked a stronger prescription for stitching. I can only use it for that purpose or else I get dizzy. I actually prefer the English method now. No rethinking when using variegated floss.
It's good to know that you fared well as did my son. I have to check on people I know in the Houston area. We have to donate, Su is correct, the resources are strained after two such devastating events. Unfortunately, the scammers, looters and thieves lurk everywhere. I saw on the news that a huge trailer filled with supplies was stolen from a church parking lot here in the area. How low can you get? To steal from people who have nothing.
I have so much to do and am sitting here goofing off.
Later, friends.
by: Texas Stitcher on 09/12/17
I'm resting and goofing off today because tomorrow is a big day of cleaning the back flower beds which will take me a couple of days. The beds are pitiful and will continue to look pitiful for a couple of weeks while they do a 'regrow' from the cut-back I'm starting tomorrow. The two palm trees look pitifully sad...Adding a bit of Miracle-Gro, even in September in South Carolina, will give them a little helping hand. I'm taking the shovel in the beds with me, in case I meet up with.....anything.
So let's goof off and enjoy ourselves!!!!!!!
by: Bermuda on 09/12/17