Red Mermaid
Kristi, I purchased the Red Mermaid kit before I saw that it was out of stock :( I so hope it will became available again..I'm keeping my fingers crossed..Thanks for listening..
Posted by: mcleodjt on 09/12/17
Hello mcleodjt,

No worries!! Right now, our distributor doesn't have a date as to when they expect this kit to be back in stock with them but we will keep the order on file and ship it to you as soon as it comes in!! If anything changes, we will definitely let you know :) Fingers crossed for ya!!

~Kristi @ ECS
by: Kristi @ ECS on 09/12/17
Thank you sweet girl..we can hope for the best and I do so appreciate your so prompt reply..
by: mcleodjt on 09/12/17