military cross stitch
I am looking for a kit/pattern for the 604th Highlanders Army patch. I am willing to send the patch/picture and even have a pattern/kit made. It's for my brother who sered in Vietnam. Any information and/or assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Posted by: havoc on 09/12/17
Try googling Military Cross Stitch. They have a very large selection
by: nita7 on 09/12/17
I tried there.
by: havoc on 09/12/17
Go to "Pic 2 Pat" website and see if they can help you create the chart for you. I've never used the website but have heard of others who have.
And please tell your brother "Thank You!" For having served his country!
by: Bermuda on 09/12/17
At one time, this website was helpful for these sorts of things: I don't know if they still do these patterns or if they have the one in particular you are looking for. I hope this helps. Good luck and thank you to your brother and your family.
by: noah on 09/13/17