Keeping the scammers busy here.
Today was my day for all the scammers to call. Normally I don't answere numbers I don't know, but some days I'm a bit of a stinker. Today was the "last chance" to purchase an extended warranty on my 2012 Jeep...told them if it breaks, I'll just buy a new one. Then the " free" medical alert system, told her I live in a nursing home, followed by someone who was going to be kind enough to get me a credit card with lower interest rates, told him I had $300000.00 in credit card debt, and no income, other than what I could steal. They all hung up on me. Well at least I didn't get the free vacation to Florida, and the Bahamas, (I get that one weekly), I just need a credit card...if everything is paid for why I need a credit card? She hung up on me too. I'm due for the your computer is sending error signals/ infected one soon.
I was born at night, just not last night.
Posted by: Jaj on 09/12/17
How funny. Wish I could think of those comments when I accidentally answer these calls.
by: surt8511 on 09/12/17
Yes my husband keeps getting people ringing up and telling him how they can do a fantastic job on his website page. But when he says he is very happy with his current provider they get "bolshie" so he tells them they can play around with his website if they are prepared to pay HIM $10,000 to do it. It's amazing how quickly they back peddle when he says that and get off the phone line!
by: deirdre on 09/12/17
I just hang up on all of them. I love the ones that call for my DH Harold since he has been dead for 3.5 years. Another one I get a lot is for them to straighten out my credit card problem or fix my mortgage. I don't use credit cards and my house is mortgage free. I do worry though about the older people that get taken in. I guess no one has any scruples any more.
by: syagel on 09/12/17
Love your responses! Usually, I pick up the phone and after I say hello once (and only once) if no one responses right away I know it is a computer call so I hang up. Love the ones "This is your last chance to......reduce credit card interest, get a special purchase etc." I've been getting those same last chance calls for over 3 years. I have even listened to the menu to push the button to stop the calls - doesn't stop them. Also have asked to speak to a manager - never seems to be one. I really hate the IRS scam to frighten older people. For at least two years have been getting those calls every now and then, if I don't call back their number I could go to jail - yeah right - come get me!
by: jmirz on 09/12/17
LoL! Love it! I pretend I'm really hard of hearing and in 2 minutes they are yelling into the phone.
The other one I use is ask them to wait while I get a pen to write everything down, I lay my phone down and go back to watching TV or go back to my gardening..
by: Bermuda on 09/12/17
Yes, they hate it when you don't "follow the script".
I got a call once from someone claiming to be from some company reviewing a car accident I had the year before. The line of questions seemed odd and I kept telling them that I failed to understand what this was about since the claim had been paid. The caller got so frustrated with me, she got angry and said she'd have to call me back. I'm still waiting.
Two calls recently about my overdue taxes from the CRA.
Most of the time, I tell the caller that I am not home and please leave a message I can relay. A legit person will leave some sort of message.
Gotta love call display. .. I too don't answer the phone if I don't recognize the name or number and let it go to voice mail. I'll call you back.
by: marym on 09/12/17
Maybe we should come up with some scrips of our own. I sometimes just pick up and say " Congratulations you're caller number 7" My husband just asks them what their wearing.
by: Jaj on 09/12/17
If you answer with hello, and the scammer is after you, they may ask "Can you hear me?" or some version of that. If you answer "Yes", the can cut that out (your voice) and paste it into a credit card or loan or other offer. The fact that they dialed your # and your voice said, Yes or Good, they will say that proves you want their offer.

All they ever get from me is Hello. If they talk after that they hear me telling them, "DO NOT EVER CALL HERE AGAIN. TELL YOUR SUPERVISOR TO TAKE ME OFF YOUR CALL LIST. I AM REPORTING YOU TO THE FCC. I HAVE YOUR NUMBER."

No friend or relative has ever heard my message because they are real, not machines or thieves.
by: Su Pitt on 09/13/17
If the scammer does leave a message (or their computer does), listen carefully to the beginning. I had a message left recently that said "This message is for you".
No "you" lives here.
by: marym on 09/13/17
If it's a number I don't recognize or a private call, I answer, "Wu Fung's Chinese Restaurant!" or "Road Kill Cafe, you kill 'em, we grill 'em. Our special today is Road Toad Alamode!" or sometimes, sometimes I am just plain awful and answer, "Funerals dun right, how can we outfit your casket?" Usually, they hang up. Other times, I get insistent upon selling them funeral services or pushing the sushi on special and they get annoyed and give up. Once in awhile, I get someone I know who called from a different number like work and they just laugh. But never say anything that could later be construed as a yes to anything. Stay safe everyone.
by: noah on 09/13/17