Cross Stitch
I'm afraid I have reached the age that I need a magnifier and a good light to indulge in my favorite past time. Does anyone have a suugest?
Posted by: Ragdoll Lover on 10/08/17
Lighting and magnification continue to be hot topics because we are each geared to personal preferences...should I say, "hard wired"?
I find the Ott flexible neck floor lamp...No be the most versatile lamp for me...moves easily. Table versions are not for me.
I have readers with a flip-up magnifier...they are light-weight on my nose and I don't have to move around to find the focal point.
Lots and lots of choices for this stuff...borrow and try as many versions as you can find before purchasing. :)
by: VCESS on 10/08/17
I'm 73 years old and thought I'd have to give up my cross stitch, but then I found reading glasses on the internet that are fantastic. Go to and look their website over. I've ordered 4 pair and LOVE them all. I have them in 3.5 and 4.0 (best for me) and waiting for a 4.5 for working on a 40 ct. linen. I also use the Ott lights, have at least 8 in my house. Best of luck!!
by: kstiteler on 10/09/17
I began by buying cheapy readers until I found the strength that suited my stitching. For some reason optometrists have never been able to get it right. I then got them to put that strength into my frames and I’ve been stitching happily ever since.
by: Marydenmark on 10/11/17
I bought a magnifier with a light I think on here (I don't see it anymore though)... I loved it when I was working on a large project that was in my floor stand horizontally, but my bigger pattern has vertical rods so the neck of the magnifier is only long enough to do the top half of the top page so it isn't working too well on this project. I have picked up cheap readers and they seem to help and my floor ott light works really well.
by: Sarandipity on 10/12/17