New Patterns
Is it just me or am I not alone?? I have just looked at the new patterns released over the last month and none of them excite enough to buy them. I wonder if I am getting narrower in my taste or I have so many in my stash it is going to take something absolutely fabulous to get me to buy it?
Posted by: deirdre on 10/09/17
Maybe a little of both??
by: marym on 10/09/17
I have looked at over 1000 patterns in the past week (not just the tiny thumbnail photos) and had the same reaction! For me and you, it is undoubtedly both!
Nothing jumped out at me, including ones by designers that I have enjoyed previously. I have decided to stitch things in there and only buy if I need to finish a project

DH has convinced me to sell a lot, but the initial outlay, like envelopes, labels, postage $$ and taking pictures might mean saving for a few months. He keeps saying to just give stash away, but the local thrift stores are full of cross stitch in storage and not displayed.
by: Su Pitt on 10/09/17
Have to agree, Kids! Nothing from the new stuff has hit my wish list in a good bit of time. Thought it was just me being disagreeable, or picky, or just out of the mood...decided stuff would be there later...they'll "wow" me next time...
by: VCESS on 10/09/17
I have not seen any in recent months that leap out at me either, at least not from Artecy or HAED or anything popping up here. I did just order some pdf ones from a website called witchykitt out of England and bought a couple of really nice kits on ebay from Russia, but not too much new stuff here. I think that my stash is getting big and because of that I am getting a bit more picky. I also think I have been indulging in my other favorite hobby a bit more which is tying up some funds. I did look over the new ones just this morning and thought the very same thing, Deirdre. Thanks for making me feel like I am not alone.
by: noah on 10/09/17
I LOVE looking at patterns! So many are beautiful or funny or cute,but then I remember the hundreds I already own. Magazines,booklets,kits and I realize that I can do my actual pattern or project shopping at home.
by: luvtoxstitch on 10/09/17
It isn't just you Deirdre I feel the exact same way. I just glanced at them this morning as was kind of like "meh" but I have 3 works in progress plus my large one that I still haven't started. I also have a crocheted baby blanket to work on that a co-worker requested so maybe that is it. Who knows, it could be that my life is just busy right now and there isn't anything catching my eye.
by: Nettie on 10/10/17
Same here! I think I have so much stash that I like nothing appeals to me. Also the designers aren't what they used to be - like you said too cheesy or inappropriate.
by: judy.boatman on 10/10/17
I agree Deidre. I've been looking as well. Found a couple at Charting Creations but some of the other patterns I was interested in were either too expensive and/or had so many specialty threads i.e. silk, etc.
1) Mandala patterns by Chatelaine: Beautiful!! But check
The specialty threads needed to do even one pattern
Then go to the nearest bank to see if you can take out
a 2nd mortgage to buy them.
2) Geckorouge: they are 'kits only' and a couple on their I love but my pocketbook can't afford their prices.

I think there needs to be 'new fresh blood' (more different artists) approached for getting permission to put their artwork into counted cross stitch format.
by: Bermuda on 10/10/17
Greetings All,

It’s been a long time since I’ve been on the boards. I haven’t been doing a lot of cross stitching lately but hope to do more again soon.

I haven’t noticed a difference in the new kits and charts, but with 100+ kits in my wishlist, that’s enough to last a lifetime anyway.

I putter around the entire inventory every so often flagging old and new items for my wishlist. There’s a treasure trove of wonderful items in the inventory already, not necessarily new, but new to me!

I think it’s all just matter of personal taste. What speaks to each one of us doesn’t necessarily speak to everyone. Maybe the new stuff just isn’t speaking to some people right now. But that could change tomorrow.

Eagerly awaiting a shipment of six kits and charts and materials from ECS.

Hoping all remains well with everyone here.

Happy Stitching!
Fondly, Bluejay
by: Bluejay on 10/10/17
I agree!!! The "New" stuff certainly doesn't slow down the spending...My wish list is still crammed full! :)
by: VCESS on 10/10/17