Just want to thank (belatedly) whomever ( I think it was VCESS) steered me to Bohin needles! Never thought needle choice could make such a difference !
Posted by: murillome on 10/10/17
Well, they are my current favorite..."feel" good, don't they? :) Enjoy! It could've been several of us, though...but you are very welcome...we all love to share "treasures"! :)
by: VCESS on 10/10/17
I love Bohin, too! They are my always needles. If I can't get them (vacation in a tiny town with no LNS nor internet), then I try to find John James. Now I take an entire needle container with me! It's bad enough to be dragged away from my dogs and my sewing chair and all my accessories to a rural area with a motel of dubious cleaniness and no good lighting. DH has his only hobby as fly fishing. It seems to be best in some very remote areas...
by: Su Pitt on 10/10/17
I'm on a quest looking for the perfect blunt ended needle size 22 and 24. I couldn't find this size in the above mentioned Bohin. Any suggestions are welcome.
by: Marydenmark on 10/10/17
If I didn't get them here, I got them at Amazon has some ridiculous prices for Bohins...any size...something like $9 for pkg of 5. I try to buy needles with other stuff...such a waste of shipping just for needles. :)

Some time ago I got a pkg of 25 size 24 John James tapestry needles for $7.95 on Amazon...if you have prime, no shipping, but I think this was one of their vendor free-shipping deals. :)
by: VCESS on 10/11/17
MaryD, I just looked and has both sizes for $2.55 pkg of 6....No idea what their postage/shipping runs for international.
by: VCESS on 10/11/17
Thanks VCESS. I ordered the 24 mm. And paid a kings ransom in postage....ridiculous but ........
by: Marydenmark on 10/11/17
Are you sitting down? The postage was 5x more than the needles. Oh dear, a fool and his money are soon parted eh! No matter. If they areas good as reported I'll be happy. If not it's not going to break the bank.

by: Marydenmark on 10/11/17
Maryd - Bohin needles are available on line from Chromatic Alchemy in the UK. Might ease the cost for next time! They do beautiful tie-dyed cross stitch fabrics- worth a look!
by: murillome on 10/11/17
That's very kind of you Murillome. I've put them on my homepage.
by: Marydenmark on 10/11/17