My IJ project...
Need advice. Here's my issue and this has never happened before using Q-Snaps so I'm in need as what could be causing the issue to begin with AND any alternative fabrics/materials or actions to try.
The project is being done on 25-count evenweave, 'over 2' with 3 strands of floss. I've recently come to the point where I have had to move a section of the Q-Snap onto
an already stitched area of the project and clamped it. This is the very first time of using Q-Snaps that when I took the Q-Snap clamp off when I finished stitching that the clamp edges left two parallel lines on the stitched area. So far I've used my fingernail and gently run it over the lines to try to assist the stitched Xs to 'plump' up( and it has helped somewhat) but I don't like to do this for fear of fraying the stitches. I've also stretched the area of fabric by pulling on the fabric edges (which have helped somewhat). Last but not least, and what I'm currently doing, is using a piece of a white men's undershirt (fruit-of-the-loom) which is a thin cotton fabric to put between the Q-Snap frame and the Q-Snap CLAMP but still getting the lines but not as bad. This situation is going to get worse as more of the project is stitched and I will be dealing with adding additional Q-Snaps onto the completed stitching
as I stitch down through the pattern.
Like I said, I've NEVER had the Q-Snaps do this before when stitching, so I'm not sure why this is happening.
I remember some time back that some stitchers had other suggestions on how to combat hoop lines.
Any suggestions?
Posted by: Bermuda on 10/10/17
This is sad news for me, as I love my Q-Snaps. However, my clamp marks totally disappear! I confess that I wash every project in cool water, dry by rolling in a white terrycloth towel. Then I iron them on the back side. I am lucky to have an ironing board cover that has inches marked vertically, horizontally and with some angles. I have never found a new one, so I just wash it every other month. My ironing board is the worst part of cleaning the cover -- it is all metal and hard to put up and down. One thing that I do better than DH! Who'd have thunk a man would be beaten by an ironing board?
by: Su Pitt on 10/10/17
What size is your project? Can you add extenders to your q-snaps?
by: eagle1dw on 10/11/17
Stitched area will be: 21 5/8" wide by approximately
30" tall with lettering I'm adding below pattern; my TOP Q-Snap frame and it's clamp will have to be put on stitched area at some point. I have enough side and top fabric, 10" each side to put q-Snaps above, below and each side on un-stitched areas.
by: Bermuda on 10/11/17
This is probably a ridiculous idea...What if you cut some one of those clamps into narrower clamps. Don't use them, but I know they're very tight. Narrower and spaced clamps might help? :) Don't mind me, just talking out my hat... :)
by: VCESS on 10/11/17
There's a thought.
Also, just checked as to widest Q-Snaps being offered which would be about 21" wide, DH and I discussing making larger frame out of 1/2" pvc pipe.
by: Bermuda on 10/11/17
You could try putting a piece of cotton or felt over your fabric so the q-snap clamp is not coming in direct contact with your fabric. Tho I have found that once the piece is washed and dried it fluffs up and you won't notice it much at all.
by: t0adp00p on 10/11/17
Also considering using moleskin between Q-Snap clamp and frame. Will try the felt first since I already have it; still going through creating a pvc frame since DH has gone to store and bought pvc pipe and parts ie. 90-degree corners, tees.

Will start tomorrow, see if I can make one...stay tuned...if unsuccessful, I'm out $20.00. If successful, will put it on chat. My first attempt will be making a 25" wide by 12" high that the upper and lower rods roll (like scroll rods do). Some would say, just buy scroll rod frames. Nope, now it's the challenge since Q-Snaps don't make frame lengths of 25 inches.
Sue- I hear you and I'm hoping a washing and ironing as you suggest will work as well.
by: Bermuda on 10/11/17
You could consider re-vamping all your q' they make the pvc pipe in like 1/2" diameter? :)
by: VCESS on 10/11/17
I used Q snaps for the first time a little while ago. Unfortunately, I had ordered them too small for my project. While I was fussing about it, my (very handy) husband asked me how long I needed them. Then he went into the garage, cut 1/2" PVC pipe to my specifications, put the 90 degree joints on them and I was back in business. My hero! :) So yes, PVC pipe does work with the Q snap clamps.
I was having trouble with excess material and one of the kind ladies here suggested that I fold the extra over. That helped the material stay clean, out of my way, and limited clamp markings on my project. Hope this helps.
by: bmiko on 10/11/17
Yes, the pvc pipe comes in 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, etc. DH bought 1/2 inch pvc pipe (4 10-foot pieces for under $10.00; there are 2 types, he got the pvc with the thicker wall to avoid flimseyness) plus 12 90-degree corners and 6 tees. These supply numbers are NOT the recipe; we won't use every piece but we got it at Lowe's and we'll be cutting and putting together a 25-inch wide x 12-inch high frame with the 25-inch wide upper and lower pvc pipe to turn the material on it like the wooden scroll rods. Will let everyone knows how it goes...
by: Bermuda on 10/12/17