I want a cross stitch buddy
Hi folks!!! Me again:) I really would like a cross stitch buddy. Do any of you have one? I would like someone to come to my house like on mondays and thursdays ( doesnt have to be those exact days-twice a week) and sit around and stitch with me and have conversations. And drink coffee. I'd like snacks also, but we know that leads to dirty hands and that just doesnt work. I would really appreciate a motivational buddy who enjoyed the hobby as i do. Also would be nice to not only see my progress, but someone elses also, and have encouraging words for when we get to the parts we HATE to stitch in the pattern. ( ALL patterns have some part thats not so pleasing to stitch) Does anyone do this and have a buddy??? I hope someone has a dream buddy they can share with me via internet since i have no buddy *sniff sniff*
Posted by: cindy001 on 10/11/17
Hi Cindy,
Where do you live? That's the main thing, we may be across the ocean from one another lol. I also would like to either find a group or a store that has cross stitching.
by: carol363 on 10/11/17
Hi Cindy,
Have you looked to see if you have a local Adult Senior Service Center through the city or town you live in?
They may be able to assist you. Many of these centers have different types of classes/ groups that get together certain days of the week ie. Water color painting, crafts,.
I just signed up for $20.00 a year because they offer a 'Yarn and yak' group that meets once a week I plan to attend; the group brings their crocheting, knitting, cross-stitching for a few hours and, yes, they 'yak.'
If you are unable to get out of your residence, I would still call them because maybe they would have volunteers or people in your neighborhood who would like to become your stitching 'buddy'.
PLUS you always have the ECS chat-board here!😃
by: Bermuda on 10/11/17
My in-laws used to have a daily "happy hour"...he was retired USAF and knew folk from all over the world...the happy hours were often extended to long weekends and you never knew who was going to be there...such fun! Kind of like a more convenient "Cheers"...why not start an open house for people to just drop in...No rules except for the begin time...craft or not, conversation or not, no phones, no tv...donations of coffee, tea, wine, soft drinks, snacks welcome...hands wash, you know'... Happy hours are just that...Don't stay too long...Well, not everyday, anyway. The thing is, there is no shortage of lonely, bored people. :) You might be surprised who might try stitching! :)
by: VCESS on 10/11/17
You can always set a time to skype with someone if your stitch buddy isn't close. I share coffee with a friend via skype once a month cause that is the only time we can fit into our crazy schedules.
by: noah on 10/11/17
If you lived near me I'd be happy to visit since I've been looking for a cross stitch buddy myself! Where do you live?
by: hrodentia on 10/11/17
I’ve thought having a stitching buddy would be fun, but then I hear the words that come out of my mouth sometimes....and I think maybe not.
by: Jaj on 10/11/17
Cindy, Bad idea to answer direct questions asked by people never to have shown up in here before.....of course, you could make up something....just to be polite. :)
by: VCESS on 10/11/17
Jaj, I know...there's a shop I sometimes visit and I find a few people around the tables...Love seeing what they're working on, listening to their discussion, unfortunately, most of them are just beginning to frog, just finished frogging, or planning to frog...I hate frogging, but I love to visit... :)
by: VCESS on 10/11/17
When I used to work the night shift, there were 3 or 4 of us on shift that did cross stitch so the possibility that you wold be working with a fellow stitchers were good.. We always brought our current project with us and if we were having a quiet night the stitching would come out. It was enjoyable stitching together and talking about our projects. It made a quiet night go by a little quicker.
by: marym on 10/11/17
Just responding to say you're not crazy! I would love to have a buddy (or group) to sit and stitch with. It is great to have the encouragement, different levels of expertise to draw on, and the shared love of a hobby. In my area, even the Embroider's Guild of America chapter has folded their tent. Someone on this site had a whole imaginary scene, complete with a beach, cabana chairs, drinks, and a huge stitching warehouse close by that delivered right to your chair. I thought that was a wonderful image! Other than that, all I have for a buddy is my sister-in-law who quilts, and occasionally we get together and work on our projects - her quilting and my stitching. My poor husband feigns interest when I'm talking about colors, frogging, etc.; but I'm sure really he just wants to roll his eyes. ;)
by: saintsgal on 10/13/17