Stoney Point Linen
The overview says the model is on Stoney Point Linen, but no fabric is offered in the supply list. I have looked in the fabric section for this Linen and do not find it. Is it available? Would another light gray or antique white work as well?
Posted by: smorin369 on 10/12/17

Unfortunately, we do not have that specific fabric available on our website so that's why it's not listed in our supply list. You can use any fabric you would like to this design. The one that is listed is just what the model is stitched on and what the designer suggests but as the stitcher, you can choose whatever count and color of fabric for the design you would like :) We have a few gray colored 32ct. linens in our fabric section if you want to keep that background color.

~Kristi @ ECS
by: Kristi @ ECS on 10/12/17