Thread showing through
Hi, I am about to do a chart that has a lot of wording in back stitch. My problem is that the thread Shows through the fabric when I take it from one word to the next. There are too many words to keep ending and starting each word. They have suggested doing the project on 28 count off-white linen. I have actually bought 32 count cream Linen to avoid this problem.
Any suggestions on how to avoid this happening?
Posted by: michelle001 on 11/12/17
I suggest you first use your chart’s recommended floss for the lettering, stitch a couple of letters on the 32-count CREAM linen by ‘traveling’ the floss between the letters, then hold the fabric up to the light and see if you have the same problem even on the Cream linen you bought.
If no see-through, your good to go.
If you STILL have ‘see-thru’ with the cream linen I would suggest trying 2 things:
1) change the FLOSS COLOR of your wording to a lighter
color so it’s less obvious if you are ‘traveling’ between
words. Possibly take a lighter floss color that you
stitched in the pattern itself for the wording.
2) consider going with a darker color fabric other than
cream, possibly a color that you can take from other
Colors in the pattern
And I understand your fustration but I Would still consider
NOT ‘traveling’ your floss between words even if there are a lot of words; if not under a time frame, do a few words an evening for several evenings.
Hope this helps. Let us know how it works out for you.
I will be running into the same situation with wording on a project I’m presently working on. There are other stitchers on this chat that may have other ideas or techniques that can assist you as well. :)
by: Bermuda on 11/13/17
My personal motto is:
"If it bothers me or either daughter, then I should stop and fix it."
I try to remember that most of my stitching looks great.
It will not please a county or state fair judge if it shows.
If I do fix or re-do something, it had better be worth it.
As I am in the sunset of life, I try to realize that my time,
however I choose to spend it, is getting shorter!
by: Su Pitt on 11/13/17
Thank you Bermuda, I have tried with the 32 count and it does still show. I will see if I can find another fabric that will suit.

It does bother me, Su, you see it is a Christening gift for my granddaughter. I am doing 'Speaking of Angels'. And I would like to think it will be treasured for many years :)
by: michelle001 on 11/13/17
Maybe a heavier, thicker fabric? Some linens seem very thin to me.

Also, try not carry over at an angle...end the letter at the closest point to the next letter and carry over by following the horizontal thread of fabric...never more than 2-3 holes. I have been known to weave behind stitches to make this happen. Tedious to the point that I swore I would never do another back stitch font! :)
by: VCESS on 11/14/17
I do what VCESS does - I only carry 2 squares as I always use aida - I always carry it vertically as that seems to hide the thread. And when I am starting a new word I pull the thread up from the bottom and do the first backstitch and then go down and come up exactly where I did at first - it makes it kind of like a 2 strand stitch but pulled snuggly (not too snug) it will blend in nicely. I know it is there but have never had anyone else say anything. I do love patterns with words but you have to be very careful not to leave out a letter. I did this once and had to take out 2 rows of words. I agree with Su Pitt (I think she was the poster who said this) if I am not happy with it stop right there and fix it because it will always be in your face when you look at that finished project. Keep us posted on what you decide.
by: clpatt123 on 11/14/17
If this is going to be framed, use any fabric and any color thread that you want to. When framing, put a piece of medium to dark paper behind the stitched piece then the carry over threads will not show up. Especially a piece of paper that's the same color as the thread. Works every time. Although it does darken down the whole piece just a touch. Just try laying it on paper and see if it works and you can live with the results.
The other solution is to put light colored thread under the carry over spots. On the back of the piece, when done stitching I use just white dmc sometimes, thread it under the carry over spots, clip and leave it. It's more time consuming, and you need to make the thread lay flat or it will bulge a bit when framed. To prevent that, don't use many strands, just enough to hide the carry over. Hope that makes sense, I don't know how else to say it. I haven't figured out how to post a picture here yet. If someone can tell me that maybe I can post one to show you.
by: peapodpard on 11/14/17
I hope you use archive-grade paper...regular dyed paper is highly acidic and will eventually bleed the color to the fabric, not to mention, eat it. :)
by: VCESS on 11/14/17
Yes, it was archival paper, I should have mentioned that. Thanks.
by: peapodpard on 11/14/17
Thank you, everyone, for your advice. I am going to see if I can get evenweave fabric. Maybe 32 or 36 count. The Linen is too open. I will let you know how I go. All your advice sounds good but there is 3 A4 pages of writing so I really want to keep it simple if that makes sense. I will let you know what I decide and the results. :)
by: michelle001 on 11/15/17
The evenweaves such as Jobelan or Lugana may work for you because it is a tighter weave. I have worked with 25, 28 and 32 counts of these fabrics. You still may want to consider looking at the darker colors even in these fabrics
Such as Cream or Ivory if it will compliment your pattern’s colors. There is antique white in the evenweaves but even so, I have seen some show through but I would suggest trying it anyway- “nothing ventured, nothing gained”.
by: Bermuda on 11/15/17