Color card
Good morning everyone! I have never purchased a DMC color card and I figured it was high time. I was going to buy the color card with the 35 new colors for $25 but I see the old printed one minus the new colors is only $3. I'm not sure how often I would use the color card as I usually don't buy kits, I prefer charts. Which one would you all recommend? Of course I could always buy both but that seems rather redundant.
Posted by: Le-Anne on 11/13/17
Le-Anne, if you only use charts are you always doing those with DMC floss? If so, I don't know why you would want a color guide. I could understand if you bought kits that don't use DMC threads. Are you planning to create your own designs? If so, then I could see the use of a color card. With so many conversion charts out on websites, I can't see investing in a color card, but that is just my opinion. Good luck. Janet
by: jmirz on 11/13/17
Yes, 99% of the time I do charts. I don't create my own charts yet but I do go rogue sometimes and change the colors in a chart to things I like better. Its pretty much as rebellious as I get. I thought the color cards might have more accurate representation of the colors than what sometimes comes through the screen. I do not have a super huge stash of colors yet so when I am looking to change colors I thought the color card might come in handy for that.
by: Le-Anne on 11/13/17
I was told that years ago, the DMC Color Card came with samples of all the floss colors on them. Those were gone by the time I ordered mine so I got the cardboard one. Floss is really hard to match to cardboard! The colors are beautiful but I guess it all depends on what you want to use it for. I have only looked at mine a few times since I received it.
by: Senior Stitcher on 11/13/17
I use mine if I'm out of a color and want to substitute. I also still have my old one that has the actual samples of floss.
by: lhogan57 on 11/13/17
I, personally, would not spend the money on a color chart card. Of course, I have a huge stash of floss. Also, I stitch simple projects with a few colors and usually end up changing colors just because I would prefer red instead of green on something. I would spend the $25.00 to purchase more floss.

Remember, this is my opinion.
by: NANCYE G on 11/13/17
I agree with Nancye. I would spend the twenty-five dollars on more DMC floss, especially if your floss stash needs more color skeins.
Some years ago, I wanted to change DMC floss colors on a pattern and the owner of the shop had me pick out the fabric and fabric color, she cut the fabric and we took it over to the DMC floss area. We then took the colors I wanted and laid the chosen skeins down on the fabric and next to each other. With a few skein color adjustments - a darker blue here, more of a maroon red there, we matched up 10 skein colors for the pattern in less than 20 minutes.
I used the same technique about 3 years ago to change the floss colors on a chart.
by: Bermuda on 11/13/17
I use my color card often and I stitch from charts, kits, and magazines because I have a large stash acquired over about 25 years. I have the old color card (the type with each thread color on it) to be an item I rely on especially when a chart gives only sampler thread colors and no DMC conversion because I prefer to stitch with DMC--the sampler threads do not have exact matches to DMC so I have to look for a close match in this case. I have also used it when I have stitched some of the cross stitch charts from the British cross stitch magazines because Anchor seems to be used often and the DMC conversion is not always listed for all of the charts. Sometimes I will switch kit thread if I don't like its texture to DMC and find the color card to be very helpful when making this change. These are the times when I am using my color card the most.
by: lbcatlovr001 on 11/13/17
I bought the old one, and the new colors, I figure I can tape swatches and numbers of the new floss to the card, and keep it updated.
by: jaba on 11/13/17
Thanks for the replies. I think, for me, and my persnickety way of going about things it will be an asset. Have a great day everyone.
by: Le-Anne on 11/14/17